January 28, 2023

A close up look at the remarkable superhero exhibition awaiting you in Paris

In March, the exhibition ‘L’art de DC’ opened in Paris at the Musée de L’Art Ludique. This exhibit is huge, it contains concept art, costumes and miniatures from the DC movies but also showcases original panels from the comics as well. There’s something for everyone there. It was supposed to end in September but due to its overwhelming popularity they have extended its run to January 7th, 2018 and they even added some never-before-seen concept art from the upcoming Justice League movie!

I attended on opening day and as a big fan of the DCEU and DC in general, it was something I couldn’t miss. Everyone can’t afford a trip to France to see this exhibition so I decided to make a guide of what ‘L’art de DC’ has to offer for people who are unable to make the journey…

The Exhibition

The exhibit started with a detailed timeline of DC, explaining when each character was created and in which comic they first appeared. Then the exhibit was divided in three main categories— Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who are the big trinity of DC.

Superman: The Beginning of DC and the First Superhero

The first Superman room was focused on the original Superman movies with the incredible costumes that Christopher Reeve wore so brilliantly but also showcased the costume worn by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns.

There were also some concept arts from these movies and the DCEU, plus artworks from Superman The Animated Series. Near, the artworks, there was a small screen revealing a video of Zack Snyder talking about who is Superman, and I think he’s the right person to talk about this character in light of his most recent work on Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Speaking of Snyder, the next room was mostly about the DCEU with Henry Cavill’s costumes from MOS and BVS. Seeing the various Superman costumes in chronological order really showed the evolution of the character’s look. And you can see that each costume changed with the times.

The room was also a goldmine of concept art and it was just so beautiful to look at. I would say these incredible images are works of art and belong in a museum, well, they actually are in a museum now!

Batman: The Dark Knight:

Next was the Batman section, which was itself divided in four sections — Tim Burton’s Batman movies, Joel Schumacher’s Batman, Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy and the DCEU. In each of these rooms, you could also find several original panels and covers from different comics.

Tim Burton’s Batman:

Burton’s Batman section included the costumes of Batman, the Joker, Catwoman and the Penguin along with a collection of black and white concept arts of Gotham City. Burton’s Batman movies were my introduction to the character (before reading the comics), so it was very special to me seeing these costumes first hand.

In this section, a wall was dedicated to the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series with some sketches of the opening title of the series. Considering the series was similar in style and tone to Burton’s universe, I thought it was a good idea to have them here rather than in another section.

Schumacher’s Batman

I’m not a fan of what Schumacher did with his version of Batman but nevertheless, there was a room with costumes and props from his movies and I’m sure that made fans of these movies happy.

Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy:

The Nolanverse had several rooms dedicated to it considering it boasts three movies. It included all Batman costumes, the Joker’s costume and Bane’s as well. It had many miniatures and concept arts.

The DC Expanded Universe:

This was easily my favorite part of the exhibition because I regard Ben Affleck’s version of Batman as the best, and it was my personal highlight! Both of his suits were presented — the traditional version and the armored suit. The latter was a beast! I love how it was directly taken from the comic The Dark Knight Returns, and the narratives of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were heavily inspired by it.

The concept artwork included in this section was breath-taking, the picture above is a prime example of it. These vibrant images feel more like paintings, I love it!

The DCEU section also had a room dedicated to Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad with Harley’s costume, hers and Joker’s guns along with concept arts of alternate costumes for the characters. The alternate costume for Harley reminded me of her costume in the Rebirth comics, which is nice!

Wonder Woman: Wonder, Power, Courage

The final section of the exhibition was saved for Wonder Woman, more specifically the acclaimed blockbuster movie that was released in June. It offered an updated new look at the movie with never-before-seen concept arts that had been added in the run up to the movies’ release. The Wonder Woman costume, presented so spectacularly came from Batman v Superman. The big difference from her solo movie is the shield and the sword, they’re not the same.

Finally, the very last room was devoted to the Justice League with a concept art from the upcoming DCEU movie, due for release this November. When I went, there weren’t any new concept arts of the movie yet so I only saw this one but if you visit the exhibit now, you’ll be able to see some great new things!

‘L’art de DC’ is a must-see exhibit for all French DC fans and I hope that with this tour, I have given you a good look at what you can see there for people who are unable to make the trek to Paris.

Until next time…

To the Batmobile!



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