January 31, 2023

It’s time to supercharge The Last Jedi magazine coverage.

With the build up to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi fully underway, the fans are eagerly absorbing everything filtering out from the Lucasfilm empire. Rian Johnson’s eighth instalment in the Star Wars franchise is easily the most anticipated movie of the year and as we near the December 14th release date, the giants of the publishing industry are unveiling their covers for their themed coverage.

Leading the line in the battle of the glossy covers is Entertainment Weekly.

The publishing giant have unveiled, not one, but four incredible Star Wars covers featuring the characters of the new trilogy saga. Revealed in all their glory are Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, Rose, Poe Dameron, Vice Admiral Holdo, Carrie Fisher’s phenomenal General Leia Organa and finally, Mark Hamill’s iconic Luke Skywalker.

You can enjoy them here:


Boasting so many standout moments, we are surely set for a rollercoaster ride of fantastical Star Wars action when The Last Jedi hits our cinema screens this December.

The wait will be agonising, but the Force is with us and thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we can all carry a piece of it home with us.

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