The Disney Store Exclusive Elite Series Captain Phasma figure arrives…

With the build up to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi reaching its peak, the fans of the galaxy far, far away are demonstrating their unquenchable thirst for all things Star Wars. Whether it be new images, Tv spots or toys and memorabilia, the connoisseurs of the franchise are always hungry for more, and the team from the Disney Store are leading the way to appease us with their exclusive Elite Series action figure line.

The last few weeks have seen the release of The Last Jedi characters like Chewbacca (with Porgs), Finn (First Order disguise), C-3PO, Poe Dameron and Rose and BB-8, and this week finds them unveiling the commander of the Stormtrooper army in The Last Jedi, Captain Phasma.

The new release boasts an improved body sculp from the previous version released for The Force Awakens, and comes complete with blaster rifle and battle staff, the latter of which is used in her duel with her traitorous former subordinate, Finn.

Captain Phasma:


In addition to the new Phasma, Disney, have released the latest cuddly plush character from their The Last Jedi collection, a giraffe like creature known as the Fathier. This graceful creature, will undoubtedly find a place within our hearts alongside the lovable Porgs, the birdlike creatures that nest upon the rocky edifices of the fabled Jedi temple on Ahch-To, which have taken the fan fraternity by storm.

The Fathier:

Next week will see the release of the Elite Series action figure of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, a character the fans have been eager to own since his arrival in The Force Awakens. Boasting his golden robes from The Last Jedi, the figure is sure to be a top seller this Christmas and will fly off the shelves. Be sure to head to the Disney Store to grab yours!

Until then, happy hunting and May the Force Be With You


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