November 26, 2022

The standout moments from Lost Stars: Volume 1


As I mentioned before, Yen Press is releasing the English version of the manga adaptation of Star Wars: Lost Stars in both Digital and trade paperback formats.


Of course, I picked up the both versions of Volume 1 as soon as it was released. Instead of doing a review, I decided to share some of the highlights from Volume 1…

Main Protagonists


In this volume, we meet the two main characters of Lost Stars, Cienna and Thane. These characters are first introduced as being on opposite sides of the Galactic conflict. This volume shows where these characters currently are in the Star Wars timeline, in addition, it shows how they first met and what struggles they have encountered before they get to where they currently are. To me these two characters are a welcome edition to the Star Wars Universe.

From A Certain Point Of View


The one aspect that I really like about Lost Stars is that we get the same events from the Original Trilogy from the Imperial point of view. The manga incarnation does this one better by not only describing the same events, but using the same visual cues as well.

Familiar Characters


Since, we are seeing the same events, just from a different point of view, it is no surprise that many familiar characters on both sides of the conflict appear in this volume.

Manga Sound Effects


Star Wars has always been about not only the awesome visual effects, but the sound effects as well. Manga is a format that usually includes graphic elements that represent sounds effects. These are usually hard to translate from Japanese to English without changing the visuals of the panel. This translation of Star Wars Lost Stars provides the translation of the sound effect in both the original Japanese and in smaller print what the English translation of the sound effect is.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a fan of the YA novel Star Wars: Lost Stars, I would recommend picking up Volume 1 of the manga version and experiencing these highlights for yourself!


Star Wars Lost Stars The Manga

The Empire can be seductive, particularly if you’re an aspiring young pilot…

Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree both know this very well when they enroll in the Imperial Academy, eager to pursue their dreams. When Thane discovers the darker side of the Empire and defects to the Rebellion, the pair’s lifelong friendship will be put to the ultimate test.

Will Thane and Ciena’s relationship — or even they themselves — survive this galactic conflict…?

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