October 3, 2022

Exploring the best insights from the Star Wars Super Graphic book

Published in July 2017, Star Wars Super Graphic by Tim Leong looks at the Star Wars Universe with playful data-driven infographics. As a data guru myself I was very interested in looking at Star Wars from this point of view. I recently picked up a copy of this and while perusing this I learned some very interesting stuff that I wanted to share. Therefore, below are 5 Insights From Star Wars Super Graphic


Insight 1: Hera and Kanan’s relationship



The Infographic “From Naboo, With Love” gives insight into the romantic relationships in the Star Wars Universe. Based on this Infographic, Hera and Kanan’s romantic relationship is included and falls between that of Owen and Beru Lars and Bail and Breha Organa. The insight I found is that all three of these couples are closer to The Happily Ever After end of the spectrum. Since we still do not know the fate of Kanera yet and this infographic gives me hope that their relationship will not end tragically at the end of Star Wars Rebels.


Insight 2: The Path of Star-Crossed Lovers

Image 2 edit


The infographic “Missed Connections” shows the paths of Ciena Ree and Thane Karell throughout “Lost Stars”. Seeing this in a graphic format shows how often they were at the same place at the same time during key events in the Saga, but at the same time how often they were apart because of their beliefs.


Insight 3: Anakin’s Nickname for Ahsoka is actually really mean


As we are introduced to Ahsoka in Star Wars The Clone Wars animated film, she is given the nickname ‘Snips’ by Anakin. I thought it was a cute nickname for her, but according to this book, it was actually a ‘mean’ nickname. So now I understand why it was important that Anakin did not call her by this nickname in later episodes of the series.


Insight 4: The Clone Wars timeline is not as complicated as it seems


One of the Infographics gives a clearing understanding of how each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fits in the timeline. Looking at this visually, there is not that many episodes out of the whole series that jumped around the timeline.


Insight 5: Many characters have have ‘Daddy Issues’



If you look at many of the characters in the Star Wars Saga through this Venn Diagram, there seems to be a pattern of missing parents or daddy issues. This includes several of the newer main characters including Rey, Jyn and Ezra.


These are just some of the insights that can be found in Star Wars Super Graphic A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. I highly recommend getting this book to add to your Star Wars reference collection. This book is available via Amazon, Target.com, ShopDisney.com, Chronicle Books, Booktopia.au and BN.com.



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