December 11, 2023

Star Wars fans lining up for a cause

Many fans no longer have to wait for in line to buy tickets for the latest films due to pre-orders and online purchases. However, there are a group of fans that purposely wait in line for the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Known as, fans who wait in line not only to see the film, but to raise money for charity. I have the honor of knowing one of the organizers of, Ric Peralta. I asked Ric a few questions to help readers of The Future of The Force to get a better understanding of this Fan line experience.

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What is

In 1999, 2002, and 2005, devoted fans stood outside of Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre for weeks – waiting eagerly for the next installment of the fabled Star Wars saga, and gathering in force to celebrate the next piece of cinematic history. Since 1977, lining up has been a hallmark of the Star Wars experience. – the organizers of the enormously successful Star Wars prequel lines – once again stood in line in 2015  and 2016, for both “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One“, raising money for their long time charity partner, The Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is only the start of the next chapter as we gear up for our next line event for “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi” where we will be lining up again with unprecedented access to the forecourt of the world famous TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX!

What is the international population of the line at this time?

Current line population has 3 English, 1 Scot 2 and Australians. More from UK arriving today as well as some first time line members from Oklahoma.

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How much has raised?

Since 1999 we have raised over $100k

What is the biggest misconception of

Well biggest misconception is that all of us have to stay straight through. Most of us are still working and putting time in when we can.

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Is going to do this for the Solo film?

Yep. All Star Wars films. Solo will probably 2 days. And lottery for tickets rather than assigned by hours in line.

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Where can fans who want to participate now or in the future learn more?

Those that want to learn more can visiting Facebook page or website.

Thanks again to Ric for answering my questions about!

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