January 28, 2023

Our friends at Paladone supply the Dark Knight with the finest accessories for his utility belt.

When facing off against Batman, the Joker once said, “where does he get those wonderful toys” a question relating to the impressive array of gadgets fastened to the Dark Knight’s legendary utility belt.

The answer is simple: Paladone!

When defending Gotham City from the forces of evil, Batman always comes prepared for any confrontation and stocks his utility belt with only the best gadgets money can buy. After all, being a billionaire has its perks!

With the incredible DCEU movie, Justice League, now playing in cinemas around the world, our friends at gift specialists, Paladone have launched their new gift range designed to replicate the extraordinary gadgets employed by the Dark Knight himself. Each gadget affords us the chance to be a little more like the iconic character of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and my pick of the bunch is the extremely cool Batman Hip Flask.

001 Justice League Banner (Wallpaper)

Perfect those cold winter nights patrolling the streets of Gotham, the Bat-Flask is neat and discreet with a black anodised finish and a smartly embossed Batman logo on the front. Perfectly matched to the style of the iconic Bat Suit, the flask easily slots into your pocket, or attaches to your utility belt and can be filled with the finest winter warmer worthy of Bruce Wayne himself.

My tipple of choice is Jack Daniels, and having the Bat-Flask filled with the golden nectar has been the perfect solution for the sub-zero temperatures of winter. Standing in line waiting to see Justice League, is a cold and tricky business, especially during this time of the year but that has been vastly improved thanks to the trusty Bat-Flask. Furthermore, a small addition of warming Jack Daniels to my cinema coffee has been the perfect way to enjoy the action on the screen and replicate the warm ambience of home, as our favourite crime fighter defends the world alongside Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.


So, why not treat that special person in your life to a Christmas gift worthy of both the Bat Suit or Bruce Wayne’s Tuxedo, the Bat Flask is perfectly tailored for both. Attach a Paladone Bat-Flask to your utility belt this Christmas, and be ready to battle Mr. Freeze, with the perfect winter warmer. Whether it be Jack Daniels or the finest Single Malt, the sub-zero super villain doesn’t stand a chance!

To the Batmobile!

You can buy your very own Batman Hip Flask right here:


The Batman range is designed and distributed by Paladone UK and is available to buy now. I would like to thank Paladone for making a selection available to The Future of the Force.



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