Hasbro’s next wave of Star Wars action figures has been revealed.

With Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally unleashed upon the world and the highly sought-after collection of action figures concealed underneath Christmas Trees around the world, one can be forgiven for thinking were entering a period of rest and recovery.

How wrong we were!

Before the dust had a chance to settle on the festive period, Hasbro moved quickly to announce the next wave of action figures set to arrive on our shelves in the coming months.

Not only will this range feature new character C’ai Threnalli (The Last Jedi Resistance Pilot) but will also include a welcome return for the First Order Flametrooper and the most dangerous Sith Lord in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine. All three figures have been announced via Amazon with no official release date confirmed

Check them out:

C’ai Threnalli

First Order Flametrooper:

Emperor Palpatine:

Just when we thought we’d all have time to let our wallets recover, Hasbro are back to haunt us once again. The Last Jedi may have split the fans, but that controversy can’t prevent Hasbro’s merchandise machine from catering for all tastes before the Vintage Collection returns this summer and the Solo: A Star Wars Story action figure line arrives to fill the shelves.

Best start saving those pennies kids!

May The Force Be With You

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