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Something inside her has always been there…now it’s awake and ready to sit on your shelf!

For my first review of S.H. Figuarts figures on Future of the Force, I’ve chosen Rey from The Last Jedi that was released on December 15 with the Praetorian Guard (Whip Staff). I really love what this brand does, they put a lot of dedication and work into the products they create to give us the best figures.


As usual with Figuarts, they used a simple package. For The Last Jedi as they did for The Force Awakens they used some red marking and a grey background behind the figure while for other figures, you have silver marking on the package.


This figure has a lot of accessories! Four pairs of hands, two different heads, a satchel, Anakin’s lightsaber, Anakin’s lightsaber hilt and Rey’s blaster. For the hands, there is one pair with the hands closed, the second pair with the hands to hold the lightsaber, the third pair with the hands to hold the blaster and the last pair the hands are semi-open. So you have some nice choices for the hands, that’s always great with S.H. Figuarts. However, I would have probably added another pair of hands for another position, like hands to grasp the lightsaber differently or hands to use the Force because the semi-open hands feel more like it’s designed to re-create the scene where Rey touches hand with Kylo Ren rather than to use the Force.


For the weapons and the satchel, they’re highly detailed. Like for the blaster, you can see the screws on it near the trigger. It’s a very small detail but they made it anyway. The lightsabers too are a great work! The satchel too is nicely detailed. One thing about it, during the movie Rey, uses it when she is on Ahch-To with her Resistance outfit, but when she has this outfit, we don’t see her with the satchel. Though Figuarts hasn’t released a Rey with her Resistance outfit yet (it’s planned, she was shown last year at a Japanese toy event) so until we get one, it’s nice they have chosen to release it with this figure.

The Figure:

Now about the figure itself, I just love it! It’s amazing! It’s a real joy for the collectors in terms of articulation but also in terms of quality. There are 19 points of articulation and even though the skirt is in plastic, it’s a rather soft plastic so you’re not really limited on how you want to pose the figure. The quality of the figure is just top notch! Figuarts recreated the different visual textures and tones of Rey’s outfit and got it all accurate. The blaster nicely fits into its holster without any difficulty. This outfit is similar to Rey’s outfit in The Force Awakens but darker colors. I find some similarities with Luke. In A New Hope, he had a white outfit but in Return of the Jedi, he has a dark outfit. It’s just like Rey here and it also echoes to their character development. Great outfit!

Finally, I want to talk about the heads. For collectors like me, it’s always important that the figure looks like the character it’s supposed to represent. Figuarts has a great track record of nailing it with the likeness of the characters, they know how to make great sculpts. And using the digital print technology, they get the best results. So it’s no surprise that for Rey to they have outdone themselves again. You can look at the two heads in different angles and it’ll always look like Daisy Ridley, even the angry head really captures her aggressive facial expression. For me, this figure definitely belongs on the list of best facial sculpts Figuarts has done! It’s a must-have figure for sure!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

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