October 6, 2022
Black Series Review: DJ (Canto Bight) | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Codebreaker…thief…he can do it!

DJ is one the first of three new Star Wars action figures made by Hasbro using the digital face paint app. Until now, Hasbro has utilised a standard paint application on their Black Series figures sometimes resulting in serious flaws for their human characters. These flaws have manifested with problems of likeness and skin tone even if the face sculpt was great. But now these problems are all over. From now on, Hasbro is using the digital face paint apps on their Black Series figures like S.H. Figuarts and MAFEX incarnations, and we know how good Figuarts is with this technology!


Hasbro is seriously stepping up their game with this impressive technology and the first figures to benefit from its employment are The Last Jedi characters DJ, Rey (Island Journey) and veteran of The Clone Wars, Captain Rex.

The Figure:


With DJ, I can confirm the digital face paint app works amazingly well on the Black Series. There is no longer this impression of something being off on the faces of the figures, it feels far more realistic. There’s room for improvement for sure but it’s already pretty good for a first try for Hasbro. The face sculpt is rather good, I’m satisfied by this figure. DJ and Holdo are my two new favorite characters from The Last Jedi and I’m happy they got him right.

For his coat, Hasbro decided to use plastic instead of fabric and I think it was a good choice. The use of plastic allowed Hasbro to recreate the leather effect of DJ’s coat, something that wouldn’t have worked with fabric. Hasbro even added the finer detail of the rings on his right hand, nice details! His outfit is movie accurate.

Close Up:

In terms of accessories, he comes with a Canto Bight Police blaster and his own blaster which is reminiscent of a Resistance blaster. His blaster fits in the holster, you can even close the holster and I think that’s a first on a Black Series figure, which is cool!

DJ has 18 points of articulation, it’s the average on a Black Series figure and you have plenty of options for the poses.

Final Thoughts:

DJ is a pretty good figure, I’m happy Hasbro decided to give this character his own figure and hopefully, Holdo will be released in the not too distant future!


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