December 7, 2023

The unorthodox Jedi Master of The Clone Wars explored

“I know who I am. I’ve made my choice. My name is Quinlan Vos and I am a Jedi.”

For those who are newer to the Star Wars world, or are unfamiliar with the original extended universe, you might be wondering who this Quinlan Vos characters is.  In the past couple of years, he has gained a cult-like following with some fans calling for him to be included in the new, yet unplanned, films or tv shows.

Overall, not much is known of him. The longest visual we’ve gotten of Vos was during The Clone Wars animated series when he was assigned to a mission with Obi-Wan Kenobi to track down Zero the Hutt. We know he was considered an unconventional Jedi, often using rough tactics and preferred to do assignments alone. He has also been mentioned in novels, including Dark Disciple, which is a novelization of an unmade Clone Wars episode that I highly recommend. Since his character seems to be gaining ground with fans, you might as well know a few things about him.

Star Wars: Dark Disciple

Born on Kiffu, Vos was the diligent padawan of Master Tholme.  After reaching Knighthood, he found and rescued Aayla Secura and took her as his padawan. Vos was most known for his ability of Psychometry. This ability enabled the user to sense or see an object’s past by touching it. Although some see it as a Jedi’s skill, 1/100 Kiffar maintained the ability, even without Force sensitivity.  These skills made him one of the temple’s best trackers, and was used to hunt criminals in the underworld.


Cannon wise, we have The Clone Wars episodes with Vos, a novel or two, and that he was undercover on Tatooine when Qui-Gon Jinn found Anakin. In the original extended universe, Vos had a son, Korto, with Khaleen Hentz, whom he married after the war.  The Palsaang Clan hid them on Kashyyyk during Order 66 and kept them safe as long as possible.  The last we know of him is he painted the traditional Kiffar tattoos on his son’s face and declared that he would be raised in the light.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know of Quinlan. Perhaps we would have gotten more with the extended universe, but Disney halted all ongoing projects.

Vos and his son

His resurgence also seems to have something to do with the upcoming Solo film. This past spring, Making Star Wars reported a Dryden Vos as a character in the film. Immediately fans speculated that this was Quinlan using a changed first name.  He is a perfect candidate to survive Order 66 long term since he was often an infiltrator into the criminal underworld. Personally, I think it’s time to see some Clone Wars era characters and races in the films. Using a fan favorite like Quinlan would be a good one to start with.

So now that you’ve had your crash course in Quinlan Vos, what other characters would you like to see in the films? Plo Koon? Tera Sinube? Luminara Unduli? You have a couple hundred to choose from!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars | Beyond Clone Wars: Who Is Quinlan Vos?

  1. Great article here, Katelyn!! I don’t know much about Quinlan outside of the Clone Wars episode he was in, and that many fans of the EU are rather protective of him, but I think he would be a very interesting character to build upon further in the New Canon.
    I really hope some of these rumors and theories that have been circulating about Solo and its possible connections to the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series turn out to have some truth behind them. I have to admit, I’ve found it rather hard to feel super excited about this new anthology film, and many of us are already wary of it, considering the various issues it’s already gone through over the course of production, but I think to have connections such as that would work wonders for many fans. 🙂

  2. This new character, Quinlan Vos should be further developed by Dave Filoni and make it into a continuous Star Wars TV saga.

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