December 2, 2023
Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Prepare to make the Kessel Run with Han, Chewie and Lando Calrissian

We finally got a full theatrical trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and it’s 2 minutes of pure awesomeness! We get to see a little more of the main characters that we did in the last trailer and it confirms what I already suspected – Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover both nail it as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. I think they’re great casting choices. Both actors seem to capture the spirit of these characters and understand them. Han’s sarcasm, Lando’s swag, it’s all there! There’s also Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson), Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke) and L3-37 who join the fan-favorite characters in this new adventure.

It’s the first time we get a Star Wars movie focused on the world of smugglers so it certainly looks different from what we’ve seen before and yet it totally has the aesthetic ambience of a Star Wars movie. It’s going to be amazing.

There’s a lot of things happening in this trailer so let’s break it down scene by scene.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

It opens on Corellia – a planet with big industrial buildings surrounded by water. It’s an interesting design and it’s really something new! This is the first time in canon that we’re going to see this planet. The Empire has a presence there, they’re building Imperial Star Destroyers! The trailer music is using guitar, which is a first for a Star Wars trailer but it fits so much with this one and gives it a definite Western feel.

The next shot give us another look at this planet, it’s dark and dirty, there’s smoke, it feels like you’re in an industrial world. It’s not exactly an hospitable place. We can see three civilians around a fire pit that turns out to be a piece of an R2 unit, poor droid! Han Solo is heading toward the entrance of something and judging by the next shot, he’s been in some kind of fight. He is wearing his white jacket so this seems to be at the beginning of the movie.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

“You’re off to something, is it revenge? Money? Or is it something else?” – Qi’Ra

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

In voice over, we hear Qi’Ra talking to Han asking him what he is up to, suggesting there’s more to it than it seems. When she asks him if he’s off to revenge, we see Han facing Enfys Nest and her gang the Cloud-Riders. This definitely fuels the theory of Enfys being Qi’Ra. When you think about it, it’s not so impossible as we don’t know who is playing Enfys. But I think that it’s possible that Enfys double-crossed Han and now he wants revenge … if it’s what he really wants.

When Qi’Ra asks “Money?,” we see Han interrupting Lando in his game of Sabacc and Han’s facial expression suggests, he wants to join the game.

Finally, when Qi’Ra asks “Or is it something else,” we see Han and Chewie gazing upon the Millenium Falcon, their future ship.

The next sequences show Han and Qi’Ra at a fancy bar/party where they’re probably going to meet the gangster Dryden Vos.

“What about a job? Big shot gangster putting together a crew?” – Tobias Beckett

Then we see the same scene from the teaser trailer when Tobias Beckett asks Han Solo to join him. We see along with Qi’Ra and Han on the beach, Chewie walking behind them while in the teaser, it was just Han and Qi’Ra. Plus the phrase Tobias says to Han is a different. This time it gives us more details about who is behind this – a gangster – Dryden Vos played by Paul Bettany and it’s one ugly character. He is wearing black, giving him a fearful presence. He has many scars on his face, or are they really scars? Could it be a disease that is consuming him? It’s something that seems possible.

“I’m a driver and I’m a flyer.” – Han Solo

Then we get a nice little sequence. We go back to Corellia with Han piloting his speeder.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Then it jumps to Han in imperial disguise on Mimban talking to what seems to be Beckett also wearing an imperial disguise.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Han says he’s a driver that’s when we go back to Corellia where Han does some awesome moves with his speeder. Then he says he’s a flyer, we see a sequence on Vandor, the new snow covered planet. Han is piloting the Imperial cargo, it looks like they have stolen a wagon from the Imperial train. We can see Chewie is still on the wagon with another character who is either Qi’Ra or Tobias Beckett. There’s also the Cloud-Riders gang with them. So it looks like their mission to steal something is successful.

The next shots are still on Vandor with Han saying he’s been waiting a long time for a shot like this. We see Val played by Thandie Newton too and Tobias giving Han his famous DL-44 blaster. So now we know how Han got his gun!

We have some Han/Chewie banter, that just feels like classic Han and Chewie complete with their typical friendly sarcasm. He asks him what he thinks and then says “Well what do you know.” They’re in a cantina. It’s on Vandor as well. We get an exterior shot of the building, it’s a wooden building, it feels a little rustic and it’s a nice fit for such an environment.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

They’re here to meet Lando Calrissian as Qi’Ra suggests. That’s when we get another shot of Lando with his fur coat, looking as awesome as it gets!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Han and Lando are playing a party of Sabacc, the two talk and Lando just acts like Lando would act. This scene looks like it’s going to be a great one!

The next shots are still in the cantina on Vandor. We finally get to hear L3-37’s voice, she has a nice voice, that also feels aggressive, it’s a droid who fights so it’s a good fit! L3 is beating a guy who I think could be played by Clint Howard, Ron Howard’s brother who was confirmed to have a cameo in the film, at least this guy definitely looks like Clint. I love Han, Chewie and Qi’Ra’s facial expressions seeing L3-37, I don’t think they’ve ever encountered a droid like her!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Then we see shots of Han Solo discovering the Millenium Falcon and it hits you right in the feels!

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

The next scene is a part of the sequence, we already saw in the teaser when Han says “It’s a yes” referring to Chewie’s answer. Now, we see what Tobias Beckett was telling him “If you come with us, you’re in this life for good.” This suggests, the Vandor sequence could be the first or second act of the movie, it’s definitely not at the end.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

“You might want to … ugh … buckle up baby.” – Lando

The next scene includes another classic swaggy Lando line!

“Let me give you some advice, assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed.” – Tobias Beckett.

Solo Trailer 36

The next sequence has some voice over of Tobias talking to Han. As he says this, we get small sequences with each of the characters – Tobias, Qi’Ra, Lando, Val and even the Millenium Falcon.

We’re going back on Vandor again, we see more of the Conveyex attack. We finally get to see the Range Troopers in action and they look amazing! It’s a beautiful design, I really love the helmet and the fur on their shoulders. They’re fighting Tobias Beckett.

The next shot is the Falcon going to a planet that looks like Kessel.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Then we see Qi’Ra, an angry Lando, both shots seems to be on the same planet.

We go to Mimban, to get introduced to the AT-DT, the new Imperial walker.

Finally we see Val on Vandor and we go back one last time to Tobias aboard the Millennium Falcon.

If you’ve read the Aftermath trilogy, you’ll know that Chewbacca has a wife named Malla and a son Lumpawaroo. And it looks like we are going to see Malla in this movie! Chewie is sharing an emotional scene with her, it seems like he is saying goodbye to her.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

“I’ve got a really good feeling about this!” – Han Solo

Han has a good feeling about piloting the Millenium Falcon! The ship is pursued by the new Tie Fighter – the Imperial Heavy Tie Fighter. It’s the same storm nebula sequence from the teaser. We get some nice humor with Han asking since when Chewie knows how to fly and our favorite wookiee revealing his age – a hundred and ninety years old! And it’s true, he looks great!

The next sequence is a compilation of several intense shots! The first one is the Millenium Falcon flying above the Cloud-Riders gang’s lair.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Comprehensive Trailer Analysis

Then, we see Dryden Vos again, he has a weapon with vibro blades, he is attacking someone in the fancy cantina, it looks like it’s Han Solo. It’s really intriguing! The next shots are on Mimban with heavy action! Still on Mimban, we see Chewie throwing someone. Then more action with Qi’Ra and L3-37 shooting she is glad they took this job. It seems to be on the same planet as angry Lando. It’s unclear who they are fighting here nor on which planet they are.

The end of the trailer is on Vandor during the Conveyex attack with Han desperately trying to help Chewie who is in danger of falling from the train.

This was an action-packed trailer! Now, we just have to wait a few weeks until we get to see this movie! Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in cinemas on May 23 in France, May 24 in the UK and May 25 in the US and Canada.

Solo: A Star Wars Story to Debut at the Cannes Film Festival

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