Marvel 10 Years

Assemble the Avengers in Infinity War – a culmination of ten years of Marvel mania…

Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the juggernaut that all other block-buster franchises are trying to emulate. A universe so woven and intertwined, it’s hard to grasp just how monumental these past 10 years have been. Each of the past 18 films have constructed this intricate world so proficiently. On their own, each film represents a piece of this larger landscape. When fused together, they forge a marvelous (see what I did there) totality. It has all lead to this movie, Infinity War!

Spider-Man Fights Thanos in This New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot

A decade doesn’t seem long but putting together what will be 19 movies is an accomplishment in of itself. No other franchise has tried, nor succeeded, to integrate an overall universe on this grand of scale. From that view point, Marvel has soared over its competition with no indication of stopping after 10 years. The vision and foresight that Producer, and President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige created since day one is extraordinary. Many Marvel fans have applauded what has been achieved within these films thus far. What I have found enjoyable is the fact that if you missed one the movies you are not completely lost. Each subtly reminds the audience of what has transpired outside of the movie they are viewing. Whether that is in a brief flashback, conversations between characters or a news event playing in the background, it all connects. The most anticipated and leading parallels to them all are the mid and end credit scenes. A genius and brilliant marketing ploy that Marvel fabricated.

Marvel 10 Years

With numerous characters at their disposal, Marvel has endless storylines available. The introduction to the lesser known characters have been both impactful and impressive. An example for me would be the Guardians of the Galaxy. Up until the movie came out in 2014 I was not aware of these personas. The way the film established these super heroes was ideal. Marvel made them fun yet showed the importance they’ll be playing in the future. The sequel only expanded on this premise further. Not only have they introduced these lesser known heroes, but also villains. A fabulous example of this is Killmonger from Black Panther. Played by the talented Michael B Jordan, the character was unconventional from other bad guys. Without having super natural powers, they made him more relatable to the general moviegoer. It is their ability to build these vastly different characters that makes this franchise so unique.

Marvel 10 Years

Ultimately the past decade has led all Marvel fans to this epic film, Infinity War! The anticipation for this film is at recording breaking highs. I was gleaming with delight when I finally watched the movie. As an audience we’ve known for a while that the man in the shadows was none other than Thanos.

Marvel 10 Years

Limited knowledge had been unveiled outside of his name, the minuscule tidbits from the first GOTG and a couple of end credit scenes. Unless you read the comics, you’ve might not be aware of just how menacing and formidable this character is to our team of heroes. The Russo brothers did a remarkable job bring this character to forefront. Josh Brolin did an unbelievable job of bringing Thanos to life. The overall story was a rollercoaster of emotions. None stop action from start to finish. This film was unequivocally a game changer for the franchise as a whole. The tide has shifted, and I for one am ready to see the outcome.


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