December 5, 2022
Black Series Review | Death Star Trooper (Second-Release)

The Death Star Trooper returns to the Black Series

The Death Star Trooper was initially released amongst the Vintage Collection range of action figures released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Star Wars Franchise. Hasbro has re-released the figure amongst the first wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story Black Series.

First look:

Death Star Trooper Black Series Review

It’s not a repack but rather an upgrade. They have used the fantastic new digital print technology for the face which means the figure has a far more realistic face and brings the character in line with the others being released now. It’s not necessarily a figure I would have re-released to improve as it’s an unnamed character but I’m glad they did anyway because it allowed me to get this figure as I wasn’t able to get it during its first release.

The Figure:

Despite boasting an improved face, this figure doesn’t have the new neck articulation, it still has the old, inferior neck joint. They would have to redesign the entire figure for that, which would have cost more than just to repaint it.

Death Star Trooper Black Series Review

Having more imperial figures is always a two thumbs up from me! It’s a good figure with a great paint job! They used the version from A New Hope as a model. This figure though isn’t entirely screen accurate, it’s missing the small pocket above the Imperial insignia. Apart from this small detail, the rest of the outfit is accurate, they even gave him the traditional blaster, as seen in the movie.

The blaster is nicely detailed and has good paint app. It fits in the holster but when you put it there, it has to be bent into place so over the time, it’ll end up staying bent and that’s a major detraction. Sadly, bent weapons are a constant problem in this line. It’s an issue I have already highlighted in my other reviews and I feel the need to talk about it again because it’s still there. With S.H. Figuarts and MAFEX, I have never encountered this problem. There are two possible solutions to this issue – use another type of reinforced plastic or make the weapons more rigid as they’re usually too soft, hence why it is often bent.

Up Close:

The figure has 18 points of articulation as the tunic is short, it’s not a problem for pose-ability. The helmet is also removable so if you want to use this figure as a simple Imperial officer, it also works well.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Death Star Trooper is a good a figure and a fine addition for fans of Imperial Navy personnel!


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