The leader of the 501st strikes back to enhance the Black Series collection…

Just like the Death Star Trooper, Clone Captain Rex has had the benefit of two releases. The first coming in the form of a HASCON exclusive and without the digital print tech, and the second version that I’m reviewing, which uses the digital print tech. That’s not the only difference, this version being a regular release, Hasbro removed two accessories – the blaster and the rifle. This version only comes with the two blaster pistols and the removable helmet.

First Look:

Black Series Captain Rex Review

Clone Captain Rex is a fan-favorite character from The Clone Wars and it’s just amazing to have him released in the Black Series! And with him being an animated character, Hasbro had to adapt it in a realistic style. Considering, he’s a clone, it was an easy task, they just used a traditional clone trooper sculpt and added the kama (flexible leather armor accouterment) and an armored shoulder pauldron. For the helmet though, it was different, they had to use a new sculpt as Rex’s helmet in phase II is unique to the character.

The Figure:

Hasbro went above and beyond with the design, they combined the two different phase helmets to get the perfect one for Rex. The antenna on the helmet can move like in the series, it’s rigid enough not to get bent. You can see the weld effects on the helmet and on the armored torso replicating his characterization from the series and revealing the alterations he’d made to the armor. The helmet is highly detailed and includes his “kill count” scorecard tally which is pleasingly etched onto the armored exterior, the same goes for his arms.

For the head sculpt, and Hasbro has used a digital facial scan of saga icon Temuera Morrison, the actor playing all of the clones in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It’s just unbelievable how the figure looks just like him! I’d love to see a live-action Clone Wars movie just to see Temuera playing Rex! And hopefully, Hasbro will re-release a Jango Fett figure with this new sculpt and digital print tech, this would be a great improvement over the previous Jango figure.

Up Close:

Rex has 20 points of articulation with extra articulation for the arms allowing better battle poses with the armor! They gave this figure a nice dirty effect on the majority of his armor, it’s not completely clean. It’s a dirty effect that feels natural and not overdone.

Unfortunately, this figure is not all perfect. I have two major issues with it. The first is the helmet, putting it and removing it is difficult! You have to push too much to put it on the figure. It’s rather annoying and frustrating. I think, they should have made an interchangeable head with the helmet on, this would have been so much better and it wouldn’t have cost too much in additional plastic to do. The second issue is with the blaster holsters, they suffer from the same problem as the helmet – difficult to remove from and put in the holsters. I would advise against applying too much pressure to put them in the holsters as they’d be too difficult to remove, plus, it feels quite fragile, it’s at your own risk.

Black Series Captain Rex Review

Final Thoughts:

Captain Rex is a brilliant figure on so many levels – the sculpt, the head, the battle-worn armor, the articulation, high level of details. But it also has two big problems that prevent this figure from being top-notch.

Here are some pictures with S.H. Figuarts Anakin Skywalker (AOTC) and a Battle Droid (TPM) for some action. They fit great with Rex! And a comparison with Black Series Commander Gree figure, you can see it’s the same sculpt.

Add Captain Rex to your collection and build your 501st army!


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