February 7, 2023

Local Con Adventures With Two FOTF Fangirls


Local fan conventions are a great way to get your feet wet before heading to multi-day, large fan events, like Star Wars Celebration. Motor City Comic Con is one of those local cons in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and two Future of The Force Fangirls, Kat and Patty share with us their adventures there!


Kat’s Motor City Comic Con Experience


The rain almost deterred me from my first visit to Motor City Comic Con last weekend. The prospect of driving an hour in the rain was less than appealing. Despite the forecast, my friend and I headed up to Novi, Michigan on Saturday morning under cloudy, but dry skies.

The line to get in reached nearly all the way around the convention center. Once the doors opened, however, we breezed in quickly. The convention floor was packed, with seemingly half the attendees being in cosplay. We wandered up and down the artists aisles picking out prints to buy later and stopping to take photos.


Shortly after arriving we encountered a family of Klingons, complete with facial makeup, uniforms, and family flag. There hasn’t been a large Star Trek presence at the cons I’ve been to, so I was ecstatic to see them and others in uniform on the con floor, probably due to the guest appearance of Voyager’s, Garrett Wang.


We also ran into the Cantina Band, the Modal Nodes, from Star Wars! They were lined up against the back wall of the building “playing” their famous song. Though we spent most of our day wandering the floor, my friend and I did drop into a couple panels. We briefly attended the “These Kids are Where IT’s at” panel with the young actors from It (2017). Besides being utterly charming, many of the kids are also big fans of anime!


We also stopped into the “You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly! Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Superman: The Movie” panel featuring several actors from Superman (1978). Margot Kidder, who passed on recently, was supposed to be in attendance, so much of the panel was devoted to her memory. Cast members shared stories of Margot following a moment of silence in her honor. It ended up being an emotional, touching experience. When it was time to leave, my friend and I left loaded up with art prints, comics, and the sense of fulfillment that comes after a great local con experience.

Patty’s Motor City Comic Con Experience


I have been going to Motor City Comic Con for quite awhile now and have seen how this event has grown and changed over the years. Some years I have an awesome time, some years I have a good time and other years I do not have a good time at all. This year’s event was one of those that I can say I had a great time, but not an awesome time. Below are some highlights from my adventure at this year’s Motor City Comic Con…


I attended all three days of this event. I spent most of the time wandering around the show floor, both the dealer area and artist alley, picking up artwork and collectibles!


One of the main highlights for me was on Saturday when I briefly met up with fellow FOTF blogger and Fangirl Kat!


I attended the Kim Possible Panel with Christy Carlson Romano who voiced Kim Possible and Will Friedle who voiced Ron Stoppable. They discussed how they received the invite to crash the Kim Possible Live Action auditions, and their memories of the series. They also took questions from the audience as well including questions about their past and current projects.


I spent some time with Star Wars and My Little Pony artist Katie Cook, who was selling her artwork and talking to fans!


Another major highlight was the annual cosplay contest on Saturday evening. I saw some awesome cosplay throughout the three days of the event. However, it is during the contest that the most amazing cosplay of the event is showcased, including an awesome Optimus Prime and Dragon! In addition, the contest is also where they do skits including one where they retold The Princess Bride in about 7 minutes!

We hope that you enjoyed reading about Kat and Patty’s adventures at Motor City Comic Con!

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