September 30, 2023
The Halloween Trailer Arrives

John Carpenter galvanizes the return of Michael Myers this Halloween!

You simply can’t kill a cultural icon.

John Carpenter’s original Halloween is regarded as an all time classic. The movie originated the slasher genre and reinstalled a deep seeded fear of the unknown terror lurking amongst the shadows. It was the movie that propelled Jamie Lee Curtis to stardom and introduced the world to the terrifying silhouette of the bogeyman incarnate, Michael Myers.

The Halloween Trailer Arrives

Despite several popular, and some not so popular sequels, the Halloween franchise can still claim a cult following despite Rob Zombie’s reboots of the past few years diluting the essence of John Carpenter’s brilliance. The devoted fans have been pleading for a legitimate sequel for several years, hoping and praying for the master to return and reinvigorate the franchise once and for all and at long last, their prayers have been answered.

This Halloween, both Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter return to Haddonfield to face off against Michael Myers one last time. Not only will the iconic duo return to the franchise, but original Michael Myers Nick Castle, will also return to pull on the famous white mask and stalk the streets of Haddonfield with his customary carving knife. The screenplay has been written by Jeff Fradley, Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green with John Carpenter serving as both creative consultant and composer, thus ensuring the essence of the original will be prolific throughout the sequel.

If news of this sequel wasn’t enough to delight the fans, Universal Studios has whet our appetites by releasing an all new poster revealing the iconic Michael Myers in his traditional posture. If that wasn’t enough, they have since released the stunning teaser trailer which reveals Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode facing off against her serial killer brother.


The Trailer:

The Poster:

The Halloween Trailer Has Arrived


Despite the tedium of past reboots and sequels, the return of John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle will undoubtedly re-energize the franchise and bring the Halloween story full circle. After all, everybody deserves on good scare – and this Halloween, we will all get the chance to come face to face with the personification of terror in Michael Myers.

Halloween returns to the big screen on October 19th.


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