September 21, 2023
The PREDATOR | The New Trailer Reveals Monstrous New Hunter

The hunt has evolved!

Despite Hollywood legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s refusal to take part in the reboot of the Predator franchise, Shane Black’s highly anticipated movie appears to have everything going for it.

The Predator franchise has been longing for a fresh perspective since the debacle of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, a bold but ultimately failed attempt to reinvigorate the alien hunter for a whole new generation of fans. The iconic alien creature did not fit into the world of teenage flirtatiousness and high school drama and the fans voted with their feet. Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, Predators was close to hitting the mark, but for the hardcore fanbase it still fell short of the benchmark set by John McTiernan’s franchise originator.

Despite the first trailer failing to appease the fans, anticipation for Shane Black’s sequel/reboot has remained high, and now, just as that excitement was beginning to dissipate – 2oth Century Fox has unleashed an all new trailer featuring a new genetically modified super Predator. The trailer confirms the involvement of not one, but two ferocious alien hunters sent to earth on a hunting party and the plight of their unwilling prey who must flee for their lives.

Check it out:

Shane Black’s The Predator looks fantastic. Whether it can emerge from the shadow of the franchise originator remains to be seen, especially with the larger than life persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, what The Predator can boast is a great writer/director who was involved in the very first movie and is chomping at the bit to deliver a return to form for one of our most beloved franchises. We can only hope he succeeds.

The Predator Trailer Arrives

The Predator is set for release on September 14th.

If it bleeds, we can kill it!


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