September 30, 2022
The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Special

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary Katelyn reveals her love for The Clone Wars: Season 2, Episode 8 Brain Invaders

Welcome back devoted reader! We are so excited you are joining us for Clone Wars week at Future of the Force! Without a doubt, this is our collective favorite series. And if you have listened to our podcast, you know we do noting but gush about Dave Filoni. When we were asked to pick our favorite episode, I actually had to but the tablet down and think. Not just about which episode I simply enjoyed the most, but what story had an impact on our characters. I decided to go with “Brain Invaders”.

The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Special

If you don’t immediately recall this episode, we began on Geonosis. Republic forces have just captured Poggle and are taking him to Coruscant. Meanwhile, Ahsoka and Barriss are on a mission to deliver supplies to Mace Windu via a space station near Ord Cestus and Kit Fisto. The clones are infected with a worm that controls their minds on Geonisis and bring them on board, infecting the entire crew except Ahsoka and Barriss.

I picked this episode because of what we see happen to the characters. This episode helps shape our perceptions about Barriss. She asks Ahsoka to kill her to prevent the spread of the worms. She was selfless. Later we see her blow up the temple creating a deep contrast to that character. Ahsoka refuses to kill her friend, opting to hold her off long enough to cool the ship. We see Ahsoka make many decisions throughout the series that holds true to her decision here. However, this is the first of it’s kind. She knew either choice could have deadly consequences and she was forced to work through the choice quickly. Barriss is also several years older than Ahsoka, and so she could have perceived Barriss’s cry’s as an order, and followed through. However, killing a new friend is beyond her, and so Barriss lives to see another day.

The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Special

Ahsoka does follow orders when it comes to Master Fisto. Kit tells Ahsoka to doc the ship at the space station, despite the worms. Ahsoka tells him she disagrees, but does as she is told. We get to see Snips grow up a bit in this episode, don’t we?

The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Special

The background of this episode is just as interesting. While Barriss and Ahsoka battle worms, Anakin is trying to figure out how to stop them. Poggle is onboard, so who better to ask, right? Here’s the thing; Anakin doesn’t ask him using…Jedi approved tactics. Anakin marches into the room, alone, and knocks Poggle clean out of his chair, threatening him the whole time. I enjoy watching the episodes where we see Anakin break the rules or step out of bounds. Each time he does, we see him become more likely to do it again. And whenever Ahsoka is involved, he’ll do whatever it takes.

The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Special

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, team Future of the Force is sharing our love for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Stay tuned for more awesome Clone Wars content…

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