December 11, 2023
Bring Peace to the Galaxy with the New Rebellion Sneakers from Po-Zu

Join the Rebellion and follow in the footsteps of Star Wars greatness

The tension is high. The base has been placed on high alert and the carbon scoring scorched along the fuselage of your battered X-Wing fighter is a stark reminder of what awaits you in the space surrounding Yavin 4. Your Astromech droid beeps and whistles as it is lowered into its housing behind the pilot’s compartment, and the battered yellow ladder ascending to your pilot seat looms large in your vision…your destiny is calling you.

You hold your breath as you take your first step into a larger world and place one foot on the bottom rung where your eyes catch sight of the symbol that drives you, an insignia that defines your struggles against the tyranny of the evil Empire and epitomises your pride in fighting for something you believe in…

For you are more than a band of freedom fighters…you are the Rebellion!


Following the success of their incredible Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren and R2-D2 sneakers, the incredible team at Po-Zu have set their sights on rebellion. Their amazing ethical range of vegan-friendly sneakers have taken the world by storm in recent years and are flying across the world to take pride of place in Star Wars fans’ collections everywhere. The greatest characters of the saga have been well represented amongst their exceptional range but now, CEO Sven Seagal and his devoted team are about to choose a side in the struggle against the Empire.


Meet the Rebel Alliance Sneaker. A simple high-top sneaker emblazoned with the Rebel Alliance symbol and the official Star Wars | Po-Zu collaboration label on the tongue. Now you can take up the struggle against the Empire and follow in the footsteps of Star Wars legend Luke Skywalker and wear your colours with pride. These incredible high-top vegan lace-up Sneakers have been made in Sri Lanka using the finest organic cotton and showcase the Rebel Alliance symbol with pride. The shoes have been designed to be incredibly easy to wear in red and black and compliment your rebellious style whether you choose jeans, leggings or a skater dress.







Product Details:

Upper made in organic cotton. Entire sole including foxing and toe cap is made in locally sourced Fair Trade rubber sole, certified by the Fair Rubber Association. Featuring removable memory-foam Foot-Mattress™ (allows orthotics placement) in latex and coconut husk. ‘Star Wars™/Po-Zu’ woven label on tongue.

Available in sizes EU 36 – 47 (U.K. 3 – 12 and U.S.A. 5 – 13) for purchase with immediate dispatch.

Sven and the great team at Po-Zu have excelled with their incredible Star Wars range and have consistently defied our expectations to produce some of the finest footwear in fandom, and the Rebellion sneakers, priced at just £69.00 are no exception.

So, which side are you on? Whether you choose the red or the black you can explore your rebellious side and take your first steps into a larger world. The Rebellion needs you in their struggle against the Empire…so what are you waiting for?

Join the Rebellion!

Order yours here:

*Join the Rebellion RED* | *Join the Rebellion BLACK*

Check out the full Po-Zu/StarWars Star Wars range and feel the Force on your feet this summer!


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