February 3, 2023
Venom | The New Trailer Reveals Tom Hardy’s Dark Side

Marvel’s greatest anti-hero is swinging into town with vengeful intentions.

With the world preoccupied with the glut of awesome trailers that emerged at San Diego Comic-Con, one can be forgiven for overlooking the other fantastic movies headed our way to close out what has been a stellar summer of blockbuster entertainment.

With tentpole movies like Aquaman, The Predator, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Shazam all vying for our attention, upcoming blockbusters like the adaptation of Steve Alten’s superb novel The Meg, Bumblebee and Venom have faded from the forefront of our thinking.

Until now.

Venom | The New Trailer Reveals Tom Hardy’s Dark Side

The countdown is on to what is expected to be the first legitimate outing for Spider-Man’s arch nemesis Venom, arguably the greatest anti-hero in the Marvel stable. Sony Pictures’ character assassination of Spider-Man 3 is about to rectified when Tom Hardy takes over the role of Eddie Brock, the ace reporter who finds himself overcome by a vengeful alien symbiote. The teaser trailer revealed very little about the movie itself and omitted our first look at the symbiote which left the fans hungry for more and Sony acted quickly to rectify this oversight with the first theatrical trailer.

With the words “We are Venom” ringing in our ears, we were treated to a long-overdue first look at Venom and a taster of what we can expect when the movie arrives on our screens this coming October. We dared to dream of the definitive incarnation of our beloved Venom, and with Tom Hardy leading the line and championing the cause of the fans we can look forward to a truly special movie.

Venom | The New Trailer Reveals Tom Hardy’s Dark Side

And now, those expectations are about to be catapulted through the stratosphere thanks to an all-new trailer which gives us more Venom, more action, and more incredible insight into what looks to be an incredible roller-coaster ride of Marvel entertainment.

Check it out:

This definitive version of Venom has been a very long time in coming, but for all intents and purposes, it appears that Tom Hardy and the production team at Sony have finally pulled one out of the bag. Dare we dream of a movie that gets the balance right and restores our faith in the Sony/Marvel brand? Only time will tell. But, given these remarkable images from the newest trailer surely Venom is on the threshold of greatness!

Venom | The New Trailer Reveals Tom Hardy’s Dark Side

Venom, starring Tom Hardy swings into cinemas on October 5th

Has this latest trailer got you excited for Venom? Get in touch and share your thoughts.


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