September 22, 2023
Black Series Review: Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike | (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

The leader of the notorious Cloud Rider Gang arrives with her Swoop Bike to enhance your Black Series collection

Ron Howard’s superb Han Solo standalone adventure Solo: A Star Wars Story gave us some great new vehicles like Han’s M-68 Landspeeder, Lando’s Millennium Falcon and Enfys Nest’s Swoop Bike and Hasbro have taken the opportunity to produce the latter for their impressive Black Series range.

To quote Darth Vader it’s “impressive, most impressive.”

Hasbro had already produced some speeders before but this one in terms of size is on a whole new level, it’s HUGE! Here’s a comparison with Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from A New Hope, you can see the difference:

The vehicle itself is nicely detailed, it’s really beautiful! And the paint app is great! You can even attach Enfys’ weapon onto the exterior hull of the speeder. Behind the pilot’s seat, there are four small rider stirrups. Thinking about this, I have one question in mind – could it mean some Cloud Riders figures are on the way? We have already had confirmation of a 3.75-inch Weazel (Warwick Davis) in the works, so it’s a possibility he could also be heading to the Black Series 6 inch collection at a later date.

The Set:


I only have good things to say about this Swoop Bike, it’s a real success for me. The vehicle comes with a transparent stand that has a ball-joint so the speeder can “move.”

Now about Enfys Nest, and her action figure is the weak point of this pack. It is a good figure but not an excellent one. Let’s start with what’s good about it. It’s screen accurate, Hasbro even got the scale right – she is smaller than the other characters and also a great deal younger. Her armor is highly detailed, and she even has a piece of Mandalorian armor attached to her leg. There are some really good paint apps. She has a cape made from a tissue like fabric which comes complete with faux-fur shoulder pad. It’s amazing, with plastic they would have never achieved the same results.


But here comes the bad points about this figure. First, the helmet is great but because they used soft plastic the details are not as good as if they had used the same plastic as the body. The Aurebesh inscriptions are barely visible which is too bad considering how detailed the rest of the figure is. The helmet is also not removable. It would have been great if it was to recreate the final act of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Savareen. The figure has 16 points of articulation but because of the hair attached to the helmet at the back, the head can barely move except left to right.

The arms have the shields mounted for storage but you can’t change them to have the shields ready for a battle unlike the 3.75 Vintage Collection version of the character. The Black Series 6 inch is the brand for collectors and for once the 3.75 figure has more accessories? It’s strange and disappointing!

And the last thing is the weapon, it’s detailed but it’s all painted in a dull gray, there are no different shades of color, it feels like a basic 3.75-inch weapon and not what we have come to expect from the Black Series. My feeling is that Hasbro spent a lot on the Swoop Bike and decided to spend a little less on the figure so the price of the pack wouldn’t be too expensive and that’s a mistake considering it’s already quite an expensive pack.

Up Close:



Final Thoughts:

This pack has an amazing speeder, it’s a wonderful addition to the Black Series vehicle collection. As for Enfys Nest, it’s a good figure that fits well with the other Solo: A Star Wars Story action figures but considering the recent range of amazing figures we got, Enfys Nest is a bit disappointing. And despite, the issues I have with this figure, I’m really glad we got Enfys Nest because she’s such an incredible character and has a badass design!

Will you be saving your credits for this set? Drop us a line and share your reactions.


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