December 9, 2022
FOTF MAFEX Batman Tactical Suit Review

Thomas gets tactical with the superb Justice League Tactical Suit Batman action figure from Medicom Toys’ MAFEX range

Hot on the heels of the exceptional Batman, Superman and Flash action figures, MAFEX has just released their newest addition from the Justice League – Batman Tactical Suit! The brand continues with their trend of amazing figures, this one doesn’t disappoint and it is loaded with many accessories to recreate your favourite scenes of the DCEU!

MAFEX is known to include a good amount of accessories with their action figures but I think this sets a new record (or it might be a tie with the Joker (2.0) from The Dark Knight trilogy). It has 14 interchangeable hands, that’s A LOT! Most of the time, it includes 8-10 hands but they did even better this time, it’s really nice!


Each hand is sculpted for a different use, some to hold the different weapons or Batarangs or are posed for a fighting stance. Then it includes 3 different heads – one with the goggles, one with the goggles and an angry expression and one with the goggles up. Concerning the heads, this set is not complete. If you pre-ordered the Bruce Wayne (that will be released in March 2019), you will get two additional heads to be used with this figure – one without the goggles and one without the mask and the Parademons riffle! So that will give us a total of 5 heads, we’d never get this from the S.H. Figuarts range.

And that’s not all, there are other accessories included with this Tactical suit – 3 Batarangs, a Kryptonite grenade, the Kryptonite grenade launcher, two different grappling guns and 3 grenades that he uses on the Parademons at the end of the movie. The grenades have a stand that can be attached to the basic stand if you want to give the impression that Batman is throwing one of them at his enemies. Just in terms of accessories, MAFEX has outdone themselves and reached a new level of awesomeness, bravo! It will be very difficult to top this!


About the head sculpts, and they’re just amazing, just as realistic as the ones from the standard Batman suit, it uses the same face structure, it’s just the mask that changes. This tactical suit is the same suit as the basic one except there are additional pieces of armour added all over it. It’s a really badass suit and I love how reminiscent it is of Nite Owl from Watchmen that was also directed by Zack Snyder! It has more detail with exceptional paint apps. MAFEX did its best to miniaturize this suit into the 6-inch scale! The plastic used, the different textures and layers on the suit, it’s breathtaking! Their prices are higher but the quality is also better so it’s more than fair.

The cape uses faux leather like the normal suit except this one has wire in it which means the cape is “articulated.” Both styles of capes are great. For some action poses the cape with wire in it will give a better effect than a basic cape. But for stand-in shots, a basic cape will be more realistic.

UP Close:

This figure has 24 points of articulation, there are so many great actions poses you can achieve with this one, it’s fantastic! Batman Tactical Suit is slightly taller than Batman (Normal Suit), I’m not sure why they did this but it’s not really a problem. I prefer the Normal Suit because it’s more simple and it’s very comics-like but this one is also really good!


Final Thoughts:

Batman Tactical Suit is an exceptional figure with a great number of accessories, interchangeable hands and heads. Another fine addition to the Justice League collection and a new member will join the ranks in September – Cyborg, so stay tuned for the review!



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