December 9, 2022
The King of Atlantis Rises in the New Aquaman Trailer

Embrace the undersea kingdom in the new five-minute mega-trailer for James Wan’s DC Universe blockbuster

With the busy festive period fast approaching, fans of the DC Universe are counting down the days until the release of James Wan’s highly anticipated entry into the DC Cinematic Universe, Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s first outing in the Justice League movie was nothing short of a character assassination with many of the characters famous traits either underutilised or omitted entirely. But, with the glorious imagery of the SDCC teaser trailer taken into account, it appears that James Wan has begun the restitution process and restored the shine to one of the DC Universe’s brightest stars.

The King of Atlantis Rises in the New Aquaman Trailer

If that wasn’t enough to calm a divided fanbase, Warner Bros capitalised on the buzz surrounding NYCC weekend to launch their latest mega trailer which clocks in at a whopping five minutes. The trailer is phenomenal and reveals a generous sample of what we can expect when the DC Universe takes to the high seas this coming December.


For all intents and purposes, this trailer works tirelessly to banish the stigma attached to the Justice League incarnation of the character, and effortlessly surpasses anything we have seen throughout his first outing alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Superman. Whether or not, Aquaman can truly conquer the global box office remains to be seen, but this trailer goes a long way in reinvigorating the comic book fan inside us all and restore our faith in a divisive franchise that has lost its way.

However, with Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam hot on his heels, the future is considerably brighter for the DC Universe…

Hail to the king!


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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures


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