December 7, 2022
Book Review | Star Wars: Be More Yoda & Be More Vader

Lauren explores DK’s awesome “be more” series and discovers some inspired thinking from a galaxy far, far away…

We’ve all been there. Stuck in our ways, we tend to become stressed out and negative in our thought process. We begin to look at different ways to inspire ourselves, one of which is to read an inspirational book. People might assume that Star Wars does not have insightful books available, but they would be incorrect.

Book Review | Star Wars: Be More Yoda & Be More Vader

Star Wars | Be More Vader & Be More Yoda – by Christian Blauvelt

Be More Yoda and Be More Vader by Christian Blauvelt are two such books. With a Star Wars twist, each book provides extraordinary advice in dealing with mindful and assertive thinking. Whether for work or everyday life, each bestows a powerful message and guidance to the reader.


With Be More Vader, Star Wars fans get helpful tips in succeeding in the work environment. From interview to accepting a leadership position, the book gives readers positive ways to maneuver through their work career. Each tip is accompanied with a quote from a Star Wars villain. With the input from this book, Star Wars fans can go from apprentice to master in no time.

Book Review | Star Wars: Be More Yoda & Be More Vader

With Be More Yoda, readers will receive valuable pointers to attain true mindfulness. From overcoming obstacles to awakening your potential, fans will find tangible ideas in finding peace and purpose with their life. Similar to Be More Vader, Be More Yoda shares quotes from beloved heroes and match it with the insightful tip being given. With the knowledge from this book, a Star Wars fan can find true tranquillity within themselves.

Book Review | Star Wars: Be More Yoda & Be More Vader

Life can throw all type of difficulties our way. From work to life, we can become overwhelmed and wrapped up in our own thoughts of self-doubt. With Be More Vader and Be More Yoda, readers can easily adapt the messages they’ll read to their everyday life. As a Star War fan, I enjoyed the references and quotes that are used in both mini books. The suggestions that each book gives have a charming Star Wars twist to them. At its core, Star Wars is full of powerful life inspiring wisdom. Readers will be encouraged to change their way of thinking, whether in their everyday life or job-related. With the words of wisdom from both books, readers of all ages will find something to cling to and begin applying to their everyday life.


Star Wars: Be More Vader and Be More Yoda by Christian Blauvelt are published by DK Books and are available to buy now.


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