Comic Review | Star Wars: Poe Dameron Black Squadron Vol. 1 (A Second Opinion)

Annlyel takes her first steps into a larger world to offer an alternative perspective on Poe Dameron’s Marvel Comics adventure…

For the longest time as a Star Wars fan, I used to only watch the movies. Then I got into the cartoons. I just recently started dabbling into the novels (which I have become very fond of.) And now I have finally started caring about the comics. My first Star Wars comic book experience has been with the first volume of the Poe Dameron: Black Squadron series.


I didn’t know what to expect. Poe Dameron is one of my favorite Star Wars characters but was an entire series focused on him really going to be that enjoyable? I was skeptical. But then as soon as I opened the first few pages and I saw the incredible artistic skill from Phil Noto I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t the book down. Between Noto’s spot-on depiction of Poe Dameron and the surrounding world and characters that were drawn to the uttermost detail and Charles Soule’s brilliant storytelling I truly felt like I was watching a small movie unfolding on those pages.

Comic Review | Star Wars: Poe Dameron Black Squadron Vol. 1 (A Second Opinion)

This comic was not only beautiful to look at but I absolutely loved the interactions between all of the characters, new and familiar. I liked Poe Dameron from the movies but after reading the comic my appreciation of his character has grown immensely. I’d hang out with his Black Squadron any day of the week, they’re that cool.

And Agent Terex of the First Order was as intimidating and villainous as any memorable antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. I loved his contentious yet somewhat neutral interactions with Poe Dameron. He was definitely the perfect villain for this first volume and I can’t wait to see more action-packed confrontations with him in the future.

Comic Review | Star Wars: Poe Dameron Black Squadron Vol. 1 (A Second Opinion)

If you’re like me and you’ve never read a Star Wars comic before this series is definitely the one to check out. It’s jam-packed with riveting action scenes, suspenseful, original, humorous, fun, and it enhances Poe Dameron’s character in all of the best ways possible. You won’t be able to put this book down because it truly is that entertaining.

5/5 stars.


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