Star Wars | Gina Carano Joins the Cast of The Mandalorian

The former MMA and Deadpool star will join Jon Favreau’s Disney+ Star Wars series

Just twenty-four hours after news of Pedro Pascal’s involvement in Star Wars: The Mandalorian emerged from the netherworld of the Force, THR is reporting that Deadpool star Gina Carano is set to join the cast in a reoccurring role.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian | Pedro Pascal tipped to wear the famous armour

News regarding the extent of her involvement has yet to be determined, but her inclusion is a testament to the calibre of talent Favreau is looking to bring to his new Star Wars series.
Star Wars | Gina Carano Joins the Cast of The Mandalorian

One way or another, Favreau is building an incredibly talented team to bring his vision of The Mandalorian to the screen. Exciting times await every Star Wars fan.


The Future of the Force. The future of pop culture writing.


Source: THR


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