The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film’s Greatness

Annlyel pierces the shroud of mystery surrounding Marvel’s newest superhero…

Over the years Marvel has done an incredible job keeping their movies’ most important plotlines from leaking onto the web, ultimately spoiling the surprise for thousands of fans. And yes there are rumors and various leaks that manage to slip through the ever so thin cracks but most of the time those “spilt secrets” amount to nothing. Even the trailers for these films aren’t entirely reliable as they show alternate versions of scenes in the movies which we soon discover once watching the actual film.

And yet, with all of the secrecy that has surrounded the 20 previous MCU films, it seems that Marvel is taking extra precautions to prevent any chance of spoilers with its next installment, Captain Marvel.

The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film's Greatness

When it was announced that there would be a Captain Marvel film I was totally excited. I knew nothing about the powerful Marvel character (in fact, I still kind of don’t know who she is) but I couldn’t wait to find out. And then the single post-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War featuring Nick Fury trying to contact her made me all the more excited.

The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film's Greatness

When we finally got a trailer for the film midway through September I couldn’t be more pumped for this movie. Finally, Marvel, nearly six months before the film’s release date, had released some content from the movie for us to see but it still felt very limited. Since then, however, there hasn’t been any more news about the film. In fact, if I didn’t care for the movie, I would have probably forgotten about it or have no clue when it’s coming out. (I don’t know if that’s a good thing.)

The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film's Greatness

Two months have now passed since the trailer debuted and yet I somehow feel less informed about the film than before I saw the trailer. The teaser strung together a lot of interesting clips and enticing moments but it didn’t give me anything substantial to hold onto. The fact that Marvel, like with Avengers 4, is keeping the plotlines of Captain Marvel such a mystery proves that the film is going to be much more important than we may realize and that is intriguing beyond belief. Captain Marvel is the last MCU movie to come out before the highly-anticipated Avengers finale and that means it’s going to have to connect the dots between the two films in some unknown but exciting way.

The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film's Greatness

Of course, there is another side of this story where Marvel is, in actuality, unconfident in this film’s chances for success and so its lack of marketing is based on that unconfidence. If so, well, we saw what happened with Solo: A Star Wars Story. With any other franchise, I would probably be worried but Marvel has proven time and time again that they are capable of delivering phenomenal films in perfect fashion and I’m sure that’ll be the case with Captain Marvel as well.

The Secrecy Surrounding Captain Marvel Hints at the Film's Greatness

I have a feeling the secrecy surrounding this film is a testament to the movie’s superb quality and that’s why I’m counting down the days to see this movie.

Are you excited for Captain Marvel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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