February 3, 2023
Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

Annlyel explores the potential for Star Wars: Episode IX to become the blockbuster sequel we all hope it will be…

As the days go by Episode IX draws imminently closer (exciting!) and with the recent confirmation by J.J Abrams that production of the film is nearing completion the time will sooner rather than later be upon us where we get to see a trailer. But until that time we, as Star Wars fans must wonder about the film’s plotline, its quality, and how it will bring a conclusion to one of the greatest sagas ever created. So, on that note, here are 5 ways that the highly-anticipated Episode IX can become the film we are waiting for.

1. The Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren were introduced in The Force Awakens for a cameo appearance alongside Kylo Ren in Rey’s frightening Force vision. While their presence was slight their impact was grand, spawning the curiosity of millions of fans and becoming some of the coolest, most mysterious characters in the franchise.

Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

When The Last Jedi came out it seemed almost destined for the Knights of Ren to make a fulfilling appearance but they were nowhere to be seen or even so much as mentioned in the film, replaced by Snoke’s infamous Praetorian Guards. In a way, I’m glad Rian Johnson left them completely out of the picture, for he probably would’ve killed them off in an unceremonious fashion rather than giving them anything substantial to help build their mysterious legacy.

Rumors have already emerged that a grand action scene involving actors with spears and other various weapons was filmed in mid-September. If that doesn’t sound like the Knights of Ren then I don’t know what does. J.J Abrams has proven that he can make a fun Star Wars movie and the Knights of Ren will highly contribute to that excitement factor that can make the film great.

2. An Ultimate War Sequence

One of the reasons why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was received with such high praise is because of its war movie vibe. It was unlike any other Star Wars film ever created and that helped make the movie extremely enjoyable. John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have already mentioned that Episode IX is going to heavily focus on a war movie theme with John Boyega saying that film would be “the war to end all wars” and Oscar Isaac proclaiming, “It is a war movie. I mean, above and beyond, it is a movie about warriors.” 

Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

This sounds 100% awesome. Up to this point, Rogue One and Return of the Jedi have been the only films to feature really long, intense warlike sequences. J.J Abrams is set to place his stamp on an epic war sequence and if he can make it spectacular that’ll be a big step in the right direction for the film.

3. Bring Luke Skywalker’s Epicness Back

Luke Skywalker is one of the greatest fictional characters ever to be conceived in cinema. His legacy has shone brightly since 1977 when he was but a farm boy turned galactic hero and even now his fascinating journey continues. Many people, including Mark Hamill himself, were unsatisfied with the way Rian Johnson handled the character but it is what is and we must move forward. Luke Skywalker is now a ghost but as we saw from Yoda in The Last Jedi just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the living world.


J.J Abrams is a master of fan service and I think he will bring a lot of happiness to Star Wars fans everywhere if Luke returns to aid the Resistance (or Rey) in the most epic fashion imaginable, whatever that may be.

4. A Satisfying Conclusion for both Kylo Ren and Rey

Rey and Kylo Ren are the trilogy’s main focal points. They have driven the storylines forward, their paths have been interconnected since the beginning, and now this film must bring their fascinating journies to a resounding conclusion.

Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

I’m a fan of both of these characters for their complexity and all of the different turns their paths could potentially take in this Skywalker saga finale. Like, will Kylo Ren be redeemed? Or will Rey turn to the dark side? Will they finally end the conflict between Jedi and Sith and create a new order of the Force focusing on Grey Force wielders? Will the identity of Rey’s parents finally be revealed? Will either of these characters perish? Will Kylo Ren and Rey fall in love and have a happily-ever-after ending? There are so many implications of where the current story could take these characters that if I tried to name them all we’d be here all day.

kylo ren The Last Jedi

For Episode IX to be the best installment in the sequel trilogy it’s going to have to provide a conclusion for these characters worthy of our four-year-long wait.

5. Lando Is Back Baby!

When it was officially announced that Billy Dee Williams would reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in Episode IX I couldn’t have been more excited. We recently got reintroduced to the character as Donald Glover portrayed the charming smuggler in Solo: A Star Wars Story and to know Lando will play a part in the upcoming Star Wars film is beyond exciting. But he has to be a substantial addition to the movie.

Nothing would upset me more if Lando only showed up for a couple of scenes as merely an extended cameo. He should have an important involvement in the film just like every other original character that has appeared in the sequel trilogy.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Lando will be killed sometime in the movie because if you’ve noticed there’s been a trend where the original characters end up perishing. General Leia nearly died in The Last Jedi after getting blown out of the bridge. Han Solo found his demise at the hands of his son in The Force Awakens. And Luke Skywalker also died after using all of his strength to save the Resistance by creating a mirage of himself across space. If the trend continues Lando’s journey will come to an end as well but hopefully, it’s a little less jarring than Han’s death was.

Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

Episode IX has all the right ingredients to be a phenomenal movie and we’ve seen what J.J Abrams can do. Let’s hope he can wow us again with a finale that turns out to be exactly what we were waiting for. However, as a young man named Han Solo once said, “I got a really good feeling about this.”


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5 thoughts on “Star Wars | 5 Ways Episode IX Can Become the Best Installment in the Sequel Trilogy

  1. Its all about ANSWERS!
    If we get them, things are goid. If we don’t, people will be understated than ever.

    Who was Snoke?
    Who left Rey on the planet to be a scavenger? Why?
    Who are Regs Parents?
    How does Rey have such a natural ability with the Force despite no training?
    Who is Max Kanata?

    Don’t say none of this matters. It does.

    And then, make characters RELEVANT. Less is more. Fewer characters, more purpose. Seriously, why is Finn here at all? Ok, so in the beginning he escaped in a ship or helped others to do so. Ok fine. But what niw! He seems to be a total!just along for the ride character, not needed. If ANYONE is not needed in themovie, why are they there? Like—Captain Phasma! Who really gives a rip about anything she has to say at all? More “filler”.
    Pie Cameron is already now more Relevant than Finn.

    But it should be more about REY!!!
    And more revelation about Maz Kanata. And how the First Order was created. And why. And by whom.
    And where the good guys will go (and explore) next.
    But enough with the unsolved answers and carrot-on-a-stick tactics.
    Answers, relevancy, and new explorations that have a purpose.
    The Last Jedi was a serious letdown.
    Lets make things INTERESTING, and reveal answers, too. We need it.

  2. Finn is a genuinely more compelling character than Kylo Ren (I don’t know what’s particularly interesting about a spoiled brat turning evil, the story of a child slave turning to the light despite all odds is way more interesting). Kylo Ren is the space version of a sociopathic school shooter. And the fact that you even typed out “fall in love” as an option here…do you have any respect for Rey or for women in general? Y’all advocate her ending up with the guy that tortured her and threw her against a tree and that ended the last film on a crusade to kill her and all of the people she cares about? Rey deserves better and doesn’t need to be attached to a male to satisfy the Twilight crowd.

    1. Okay, okay, I admit, Kylo Ren is, well, very troubled and has treated Rey pretty terribly. But don’t blame me. Blame Rian Johnson for even insinuating a chance for them to find romance. At the end of ‘The Force Awakens’ it’s pretty clear that Rey and Kylo are enemies but halfway through the next movie they’re touching hands? It was a surprising twist I didn’t see coming but I have to admit, I liked it. (Maybe I’m biased because I can’t get over his dark hair and those lovely eyes.) And can we really believe that Kylo Ren wants to truly kill her or was that just another lie he made up?

      Finn is a great character too and it’s a tad bit upsetting how Rian dwindled his storyline to make us care about Rose. It doesn’t make sense. ‘The Force Awakens’ had three major characters; Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. (Maybe four if you add Poe.) The story should revolve around them and only them.

      I appreciate the comment and your opinion. 🙂

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