December 4, 2023
Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Finn

Annlyel reveals the individual scenes in The Force Awakens featuring Finn that made her an immediate fan of the character.

I remember when I first learned that John Boyega was part of the cast for The Force Awakens. At the time I had no idea who he was. My confusion only deepened when the first teaser for the film arrived and he popped into view as a…stormtrooper? It was a bit strange, considering that my only recollection of stormtroopers were the clones fashioned after Jango Fett‘s likeness. But I was ready for this new story and this brand new character.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Finn

When I finally watched The Force Awakens I honestly didn’t know if I was going to like him or not. It wasn’t long, however, before I realized he was an awesome character worthy of standing alongside the Original Trilogy greats.

So, I will share with you the moment that instantly made me a Finn fan.

Finn: Telling the Truth

For the first hour of The Force Awakens Finn was undeniably lovable for comedic moments like when he drunk the slobbery water alongside the Happabore or heroic moments such as his saving Poe Dameron. It wasn’t, however, until Finn told Rey the truth about his identity that my view of his character changed completely.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Rey

Up until that point Finn had been utilized in the film more as comedy relief than anything else but it was this scene that changed that narrative. He was much more serious as his fear of the First Order heightened and his bravery to tell Rey the truth, knowing very well that it could alter her view of him forever. Like Rey, I saw him with new eyes and I began to truly care about him.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: Finn

After that, I had no more reservations about his character and it wasn’t long before I found Finn to be one of my favorite Star Wars heroes of all time.

In the next part of this series, I will focus on Kylo Ren and the moment that instantly made me a Kylo Ren fan.


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