December 4, 2023
Star Wars: Episode IX | Filming Begins

Is Super Bowl Sunday a better launch pad for the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer than Star Wars: Celebration?

The Super Bowl is one of the most looked forward to events of the year in the United States. For months millions of viewers follow thirty-two professional football teams to see which two of those teams will make it to the championship that we have all been waiting for. The Super Bowl isn’t just an incredible event in terms of sports but is also a perfect venue for production companies to release never before trailers for their upcoming movies.

Should Disney Release a Teaser Trailer for 'Episode IX' During the Super Bowl?

Last year the first teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story was finally released during the Super Bowl, a shockingly exciting surprise for every Star Wars fan who was watching the major sporting event. And now, with Super Bowl LIII bearing down on the world, the question remains; will there be a trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX?

It’s most likely that there won’t be a teaser for the highly anticipated Star Wars finale during the Super Bowl considering that for the last two installments in the sequel trilogy the official teaser trailer has arrived in April. But, like The Force Awakens, this is pretty much a big deal.

Should Disney Release a Teaser Trailer for 'Episode IX' During the Super Bowl?

Because we hadn’t had a Star Wars movie since 2005 Disney released a short minute-long trailer for The Force Awakens to get fans excited and it did just that; got fans pumped for the franchise’s long-awaited return. With The Last Jedi driving a rift between loyal fans of the franchise I think it would be great if a small teaser could be released to get people excited again for Star Wars.

Just to see Rey or Kylo Ren or Finn or even Poe would be amazing. And don’t even get me started with the prospect of seeing Lando. The internet would break with Star Wars fans’ excitement.

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So, yeah, Disney should release a teaser trailer for Episode IX during the Super Bowl. It doesn’t even have to be a long trailer. It could last for a single minute and we’d still be utterly thrilled. And it’s already been announced that Disney has bought a lot of ad-placements during the Super Bowl so…you never know what might show up during the commercial breaks.

All in all, whenever the teaser does arrive it will be a very exciting day.


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