February 6, 2023
Episode IX | Will Richard E. Grant Be Playing a Very Familiar Character?

Annlyel explores the potential for the Oscar-nominated Star Wars star to portray a familiar face in Episode IX

When the cast for Episode IX was announced the Star Wars fandom lost their noodles for a while after it was confirmed that not only would Billy Dee Williams and Mark Hamill be reprising their roles as Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker but that Carrie Fisher would return from beyond the grave to make a final posthumous appearance.

There were, however, some new names to the cast, one of those names belonging to actor Richard E. Grant. His role hasn’t been disclosed and it’s no guarantee that the theory I am about to present will be true but if it is…mind blown!

Episode IX | Will Richard E. Grant Be Playing a Very Familiar Character?

So, on that note, here’s who I think he may be playing. Wait for it, wait for it.

*drum roll*

Richard E. Grant may be playing Grand Admiral Thrawn.

*mike drop*

Yeah, it may seem a bit far-fetched but with these clues, I’m about to provide a pretty legit argument for this theory so hold tight. 🙂

In a recent interview, Richard E. Grant said that he hasn’t told his family who he’s playing and, get this, he says they may not even be able to recognize him. Now, while I’m not very familiar with Thrawn’s history I do know what he looks like and Richard E. Grant seems to be the perfect candidate to play an older version of the blue-skinned Admiral.

Thrawn - Timothy Zahn Review

And am I really supposed to believe it’s a coincidence that the Thrawn: Alliances novel came out nearly a year before the upcoming Star Wars movie, which may indeed include an appearance by Thrawn? Furthermore, this summer will see the release of the third book in the trilogy Thrawn: Treason which will undoubtedly shed new light on the fate of the master tactician.

Episode IX | Will Richard E. Grant Be Playing a Very Familiar Character?

The current minds behind the Star Wars franchise are very calculated and everything is leading up to what will be the final installment in the Skywalker saga. From the cartoons to the books there are undoubtedly various clues being set up for Episode IX and I can’t wait to continue to follow the Easter Egg hunt.

The actor has vehemently denied the rumours he will be playing the Chiss warrior in several recent interviews and my idea that Richard E. Grant may be Thrawn is, of course, just a theory and it probably won’t be true but if it is I. Am. Going. To. Lose it!

Do you think Grant will be slipping into the white Imperial uniform this December? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.


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