February 2, 2023
Ultrasaber Review | Dual Connector & Color Changing Disks

Katelyn ignites her Ultrasaber to unleash a multitude of new colors to create the ultimate lightsaber…

Two years ago my husband splurged and got me a double bladed Ultrasaber that I had wanted for months. If you haven’t heard of these blades, they aren’t just toys.  Ultrasaber is built on the idea that you can actually duel with their blades.  I must say, I’ve been impressed with my blades so far.  You can indeed fight with them, as long as you get the stronger duelling blades when you order. It’s worth it.

Ultrasaber Review | Dual Connector & Color Changing Disks

A few months later, I was tired of how cumbersome it was to connect and disconnect the blades. It required unscrewing the connector and then screwing in the bottom caps. Luckily, Ultrasaber had released a new duel connector that would make connecting the blades easier.

Overall, I am very pleased with the connector. You screw in either side and pull back on the larger end. You insert the smaller end and release to lock. Connecting went from a 2 min job to less than a second. My only real complaint is it adds some weight to the hilt and makes it thicker.  I have small hands so holding the hilt one-handed took some practice. Given the chance, I would definitely buy this connector again. It has made it so much easier to break apart and connect.


At the same time as the connector, I purchased the colored disks. They are supposed to change the color of your blades. I will warn you, these really only work if you have a white blade. If you purchase colored blades, then these will only be able to darken or change the shade of your lightsaber, but they won’t change the color all together. So, want a colored blade? Purchase the white blades and then the disks.  You can make the blades whatever color you wish. Simply unscrew the blade from the hilt and drop in whatever colors you want. I recommend only going with 3 disks at a time. After that, the colors can get messy.


As you start playing with them, you’ll realize that some color the blade more than others. The light green disk doesn’t color the blade much. However, when you add 2 different blue disks to it, you get a beautiful cyan color, which is my favorite color combo so far. The same goes for the light pink. It adds more of a “hue” of pink until you add the purple disk and suddenly you have a beautiful deep pink blade. Want a deep orange? I recommend a pink, yellow, and orange disk. I absolutely love these disks. My only complaint would be with the red. It looks orange instead of a nice crimson. If you want to be able to have a true red, you’ll need to order 2 packs of the disks and double up on the red.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love the connector and the disks. If you are looking for a nice lightsaber to hang on the wall, or ever do some fighting with, I highly recommend you look at Ultrasaber. They have great products and dozens of lightsabers. If you already have a blade, check out the disks.  They are a lot of fun and can be changed to fit any event or cosplay.

Own your own custom made Ultrasaber here: Ultrasabers.com


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