February 7, 2023

Annlyel explores the potential for Kylo Ren to become the hero of Episode IX

The Last Jedi drove home the idea that the sequel trilogy was leaving the past behind and creating something new as it saw the legendary Luke Skywalker die at the film’s conclusion, leaving Kylo Ren and Rey as the last Force-wielders of this franchise. At the end of The Last Jedi, it seems pretty clear which sides these characters have taken.

Rey refuses to join Kylo Ren, instead choosing to save the Resistance and become the hero they needed. And Kylo Ren does the exact opposite, vowing to destroy the Resistance and Rey and rising in the ranks of the First Order as Supreme Leader. At the moment it seems that lines have been drawn in the sand and there will be no shakeups in Episode IX but Star Wars is never simple is it? And after my latest viewing of The Last Jedi, I may have noticed a big hint at the shocking future for this remarkable Skywalker saga finale. So, on that note, here’s that hint.

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In The Force Awakens, J.J Abrams wrote Kylo Ren out as the patented villain. He was intimidating, devious, evil, and he killed one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time–Han Solo–who happened to be his father. What’s more evil than that?

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Rian Johnson, however, changed Kylo’s narrative, turning him into a character worth sympathizing for as we learned his fall to the dark side happened when Luke tried to kill him. And throughout The Last Jedi, we see him conflicted. He has a chance to kill Leia but he doesn’t. He has a chance to kill Rey but instead, he kills Snoke. He and Rey fight the Praetorian Guards, making him seem all the more heroic. And even after he goes back to his old ways the conflict is still there. It’s why we see him in his final scene looking more dejected than he ever has after his father’s golden dice disappear in his hands.

Star Wars | The Reylo Phenomenon

One would think Kylo’s allegiance to the dark side is concrete but here’s an obvious fact that it’s not.

When Kylo Ren and Rey are fighting over Luke’s lightsaber there’s blaring importance to that scene beyond the fact that it highlights how equal they are in the Force. Remember when in The Force Awakens Kylo Ren tried to Force pull Luke’s lightsaber to him and he couldn’t? Well, he could in The Last Jedi when he battled Rey. Luke’s lightsaber accepted him! Um, mind blown!

Star Wars | Is Kylo Ren the Last Jedi?

While we believe he made the wrong choice staying with the First Order it obviously is the step in the right direction for him. If Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber accepted him then does that mean this is his first step to becoming a Jedi in Episode IX? It very well may be.

We believe Rey is the chosen one but this is the Skywalker saga and Kylo Ren is the one connected to the Skywalkers. This trilogy may have been about him the whole time and we didn’t know it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Kylo Ren was truly the last Jedi? Not only would that be a shocking twist in Episode IX but a perfect conclusion to his tumultuous journey.


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