Episode IX | Emotions Run High as John Boyega Says Goodbye to a Chapter of his life

The actor echoes the sentiment of millions of fans and offers his heartfelt thanks to J.J Abrams for making his dreams come true as Star Wars IX Wraps Filming…

With Star Wars: Episode IX completing its shooting schedule and J.J Abrams confirming its status over social media Star Wars fans everywhere were thrown into a state of euphoria. Despite the divisive reaction to Rian Johnson’s chapter of the Skywalker legacy spirits are high for Episode IX and the weight of expectation is greater than ever.


The response from the fans was characteristic. Many called for the instantaneous release of the teaser trailer, others pleaded with Lucasfilm to unveil the title, whilst others embraced the more solemn aspect to proceedings as realisation set in that Episode IX truly symbolises the end of the Skywalker era. Sure, there are many more Star Wars movies fourth coming from Lucasfilm, but none of them will see their storylines focus on the aspects of the legendary Skywalker lineage. Many of us grew up watching it, others were introduced to it in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, and later viewers were exposed to it with the release of the sequel trilogy. The Skywalker legend has affected us all and the thought of saying goodbye is a gut-wrenching prospect.

Episode IX | Emotions Run High as John Boyega Says Goodbye to a Chapter of his life

Optimising this emotional reaction was John Boyega. The actor shot to fame after being cast as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and built upon his popularity with the fans by lending his vocals to his alter ego for the popular Star Wars: Battlefront II video game, as well as a multitude of other projects. But this December will see his relationship with Star Wars come to an end and in a poignant and emotional post on social media, Boyega echoed the sentiments of millions of fans around the world…


As our excitement dissipates and the gravity of this event begins to set in, we are all faced with the unwelcome prospect of saying farewell to our heroes. Many of us endured this in The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren dispatched Han Solo, others when Luke Skywalker sacrificed himself in the finale of The Last Jedi, but Episode IX represents us having to say goodbye to them all.

As fans, we are a passionate bunch. We defend these characters to the bitter end, we feel their pain with every stroke of the script writing process and cheer when our dreams come true on the screen; but this pales in comparison to the irrevocable goodbye facing us this December. Passions always run high when it comes to our beloved galaxy far, far away but are we truly ready to say goodbye?

Thank you, John Boyega for being one of us and echoing the sentiments of millions of fans around the world.

Star Wars: Episode IX will bring the Skywalker legacy to a bittersweet close on December 20th.


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