September 27, 2023
Top Five | Solo: A Star Wars Story

Annlyel explores the finer moments of Solo: A Star Wars Story to select her best moments from Ron Howard’s superb Han Solo adventure…

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the latest film to arrive in this wonderful franchise and while it may not have garnered the box-office numbers that it should have this film was definitely enjoyable from beginning to end. It tells Han’s origin story beautifully, highlighting the moments that made him a legend and giving insight into his imminent turn as the bona fide hero he would become in A New Hope. There are five scenes, however, in Solo that make the film undeniably brilliant and so, on that note, here are those scenes.

Top Five | Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

5. Wow, That Yacht

Dryden Vos isn’t like Jabba the Hutt. Jabba the Hutt’s dank fortress lied in the desolate wastelands of Tatooine. Dryden Vos’s base of operations belonged on the First Light, a gloriously fancy yacht that was absolutely awe-inspiring. The music provided by entertainer Aurodia Ventafoli is unlike anything I’ve heard in the franchise. And the golden brilliance of the yacht’s interior is a beautiful design for the vessel. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite scenes in Solo.


4. The Conveyex Heist

Have you ever imagined what a train heist would look like in Star Wars? Well, look no further than the Conveyex heist in Solo. This is easily one of the greatest action sequences ever conceived in the franchise for its fast-paced brilliance. And it’s the one scene in the film that sees Enfys Nest in action. That’s going to get a thumbs up from me every time.

Top Five | Solo: A Star Wars Story

3. Han and Chewbacca’s First Encounter

When I always imagined how Han and Chewbacca first met I could’ve never thought of their first meeting playing out like this. I mean, Chewbacca was going to eat Han Solo! That’s definitely not the way to meet a BBF. And that’s why I love this scene so much. It’s totally unexpected and I love unexpected.


2. Winning the Falcon

The adventure was over but there was one thing Han needed to settle. He challenged Lando to another round of Sabaac and beat him, thus winning the Millennium Falcon. It is such a triumphant moment and truly is the perfect way to end the movie.


1. The Infamous Kessel Run

The Kessel Run has been talked about since the first Star Wars movie but it wasn’t until forty-one years after A New Hope that we finally got to see this legendary feat take place. Not only was it worth the wait but it held some nice surprises. Like the encounter with the massive Summa-Verminoth. That was incredible, especially in IMAX.


So, yeah, these are my five favorite scenes in Solo. I’d definitely like to give an honorable mention to Darth Maul’s return because that was an undeniably fantastic surprise that I hope manifests into something substantial in the future.

Next stop, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, my favorite Star Wars film. Yay!


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