December 10, 2023
Aquaman Breaks the $200 Million Domestic Barrier Surpassing Wonder Woman

Arthur Curry will bring the oceans rage back to cinemas in December 2022

Being the most successful DC Universe motion picture of all time, it was never in any doubt that Aquaman would be greenlit for a sequel. However, Warner Bros. has today announced that the sequel is further away than we all expected. In fact, we won’t be returning to the picturesque underwater kingdom of Atlantis for three whole years.

Aquaman Returns | Warner Bros. Confirms Our Returns to Atlantis

Warner Bros. has announced that a follow-up to the hit superhero film starring Jason Momoa will be released on Dec. 16th 2022. There was no mention of whether James Wan will return as director, though it’s difficult to imagine the studio not making every attempt to secure his return given the success of his first outing.

In addition to the official Aquaman sequel, a horror-themed spin-off featuring The Trench kingdom as seen during Aquaman’s quest to recover the golden trident is also in development. The Trench is expected to have a new director and cast and will be a far darker take on the DC Universe than anything attempted before.

Five Reasons why Aquaman is the perfect DCEU movie

Exciting times indeed. The DC Universe is clearly alive and well and with Shazam, Wonder Woman 1984, The Joker, Birds of Prey and The Batman all headed our way over the next few years, the wait for our return to Atlantis won’t be too painful.


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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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