X-Men | The Phoenix Rises in the New Trailer for Dark Phoenix

The final X-Men movie of the Fox era promises to go out with a bang….

The climax to the 20th Century Fox mutant era is set up to be a bittersweet experience. At a time when the world had become disillusioned with Superhero movies, Bryan Singer’s original X-Men movie was a pioneer and forged a pathway to success which became the winning formula for countless comic book movies since. The sequel, X2: X-Men United is regarded as the best film in the series and became one of the only sequels from any genre to outshine its predecessor.

X-Men | The Phoenix Rises in the New Trailer for Dark Phoenix

More recently, X-Men: Days of Future Past was released to cleanse the series of the travesty which was X3: The Last Stand and was successful in its quest to restore the series and its characters to prominence. Sadly, despite being a thoroughly enjoyable movie, its successor X-Men: Apocalypse failed to appease the legions of fans and forced 20th Century Fox to rethink its approach.

X-Men Days of Future Past

The result being X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Just hours after releasing the cool new character poster, Fox has unveiled its latest trailer which reveals the awesome power of Jean Grey’s alter ego, the Phoenix. Our heroes are set to face their most dangerous opponent. One that has intricate knowledge of both their depth of character and their abilities and under the threat of extinction, the X-Men are tasked with saving Jean and overcoming the powerful entity hidden within before it plunges the world into darkness.

What an awesome trailer.

However, with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox’s assets by Disney, Dark Phoenix represents the final X-Men movie from the series in their current form. All rights and characters from both the X-Men and Fantastic Four universe will automatically revert beneath the Marvel Studios umbrella where they will be free to join their fellow superheroes amongst the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speculation has already begun pertaining to the recasting of Wolverine and his mutant brethren for their debut in the MCU, but Disney is yet to confirm their involvement in any future motion pictures. However, for the first time ever, Marvel Studios has been reluctant to release its future slate beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home ducking a trend it has maintained since the original Avengers movie was released to dominate the box office back in 2012.

From the looks of things, Marvel Studios has a few surprises waiting for us in the aftermath of Avengers Endgame. The movie is being perceived as somewhat of a climax to the entire Marvel Universe to date, a bittersweet last hurrah for many of our most cherished heroes that will change the dynamics of the entire landscape. Will the X-Men prove to be an intricate pillar of the new Marvel Universe? Only time will tell.

X-Men | New Dark Phoenix Poster Unveiled

In the meantime, we can all look forward to Dark Phoenix safe in the knowledge that the X-Men will return anew, rejuvenated within the Marvel Cinematic Universe following a bittersweet farewell to the Fox era.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix concludes the 20th Century Fox mutant era on June 7th.


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