September 22, 2023
Game Of Thrones | 20 New Final Season Character Posters Released

The final battle for the Throne is about to begin…

With just weeks until the final season of Game of Thrones arrives on our screens, HBO has unveiled twenty – yes twenty stunning new character posters teasing the battle for the throne.

GOT Poster 11GOT Poster 2GOT Poster 1GOT Poster 3GOT Poster 4GOT Poster 5GOT Poster 6GOT Poster 7GOT Poster 8GOT Poster 9GOT Poster 10GOT Poster 12GOT Poster 13GOT Poster 14GOT Poster 15GOT Poster 16GOT Poster 17GOT Poster 18GOT Poster 19GOT Poster 20

Our excitement levels have been increased with the recent release of the season eight promo trailer and expectations from the fans are at an all-time high. These awesome posters are only going to enhance our excitement and make the wait all the more excruciating.

Game of Thrones: The Final Season debuts on HBO on April 14th.


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