February 6, 2023

Higher. Further. Faster. Thomas ventures into new territory with the Marvel Legends Nick Fury action figure

My second Marvel Legends is Nick Fury from Captain Marvel! He’s part of the wave of figures that were released for the movie. The wave includes 5 figures from Captain Marvel and two from the comics. If you collect all of them you can build a figure of a Kree Sentry from the comics.

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Yes, another big difference with the Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends includes a Build-A-Figure system with each wave. Obviously, you can get that figure only if you have all the figures from the wave but it’s an interesting concept that would be nice to have with Star Wars as well, there I would be interested. With Marvel Legends, I’ll probably never complete a BAF as I only want figures from the movies and generally, each wave also includes figures from the comics.

Nick Fury has the digital print tech used for his face and the results are great, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson! It basically looks like the same sculpt as the upcoming Black Series Mace Windu but with hair. The hair has some sloppy paint apps but it’s okay.

For Nick’s outfit, they have chosen the one he has at the beginning of the movie instead of going with his main outfit. I’m slightly disappointed about this but this still remains a nice outfit and it’s screen accurate.

Nick Fury has 23 points of articulation. He comes with a gun and Goose. They have chosen to include the version of Goose when he’s been captured. There again, that would have made sense to have Nick in his main outfit if they were to include Goose with him. It’s a funny little accessory nonetheless, Nick can hold him with his right hand.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

It’s a good figure with a great likeness and will make a nice addition to your collection.


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