October 1, 2023

Thomas takes a detour to Wakanda for a rendezvous with the Marvel Legends Black Panther action figure…

Black Panther is from the second wave of figures of Black Pantherit includes only characters from the movie and the Build-A-Figure character is M’Baku! Just like Ant-Man, Black Panther comes with an interchangeable head as its sole accessory, no interchangeable hands and it’s a bit disappointing.

However, I’m ready to forget about the lack of accessories considering how good this figure is! I love it! It’s screen accurate with lots of details despite the figure being mainly painted in black, but they came up with a solid sculpt. It has 23 points of articulation. The hands are in attack position.


As expected, the face sculpt is on point, it’s totally Chadwick Boseman! Once again, Hasbro has opted to avoid the stereotypical neutral expression and have given T’Challa a little smirk which is really cool!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

That’s one amazing figure! I’m impressed! However, it lacks some interchangeable hands!


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