February 6, 2023
SWCC | Five Things I Want To See In An 'Episode IX' Teaser

Annlyel looks ahead in anticipation of the Star Wars Celebration Star Wars: Episode IX trailer reveal

Star Wars Celebration is coming very soon. In fact, it starts this Thursday. *squeal*

I’m trying to keep it together and let the days ease on by but the realization that we will finally see the teaser in less than a week is too exciting for words to describe. Speaking of the teaser, there are always those moments that leave you wide-eyed with wonder as a clip reveals something, unlike anything we’ve seen before. For The Last Jedi, what wowed me were the clips that showed Crait and the ski speeders. It was a mesmerizing shot that left me wondering what it was. And I’m about 95% sure that we’ll see something just as incredible in the teaser for Episode IX but there are always those particular things that I want to see in the trailer. So, on that note, here are five things I would love to see in the teaser.

Star Wars: Episode IX Panel Coming to Star Wars Celebration Chicago

1. A Quick Shot of The Knights of Ren

Ever since we got a brief sneak peek at The Knights of Ren in The Force Awakens I have been waiting to learn more about these mysterious characters. Now with Supreme Leader Snoke out of the way, the Knights of Ren are destined to play a larger role in the upcoming Episode IX and I can’t wait to see them.

And what wouldn’t be greater than to see a brief look at them in the upcoming teaser maybe in action? Yeah, that sounds fantastic!

SWCC | Five Things I Want To See In An 'Episode IX'

2. A New World

One of the things I love seeing in a new Star Wars movie is the fascinating locations. The worlds found in Star Wars are some of the coolest fiction places ever created and I’m hoping Episode IX can add to the list of awesome new planets.


3. Rey

I love Rey. I’ve loved Rey ever since she told Finn to let go of her hand in The Force Awakens. And now we find this wonderful character at the end of her journey. I just want to see Rey. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy clip. It can just show her looking off in the distance with the camera panning close to her face. Or it can reveal a shot of her turning around in that classic slow-motion effect that always looks super epic on movie trailers. Anyway, I’ll be happy.


4. An Epic Space Battle

If this movie is setting up to be the “war to end all wars” we’ve got to see at least one tantalizing shot of a space battle because that’s what Star Wars trailers all about. I mean, the franchise is called STAR WARS for goodness sake. So let’s see a tad bit of the war amongst the stars. 🙂

Battle of D' Qar

5. Kylo Ren

In the same way that I feel about Rey, I feel about Kylo Ren. One of my favorite moments from The Last Jedi teaser was when it showed that close-up shot of Kylo Ren turning his lightsaber with only half his face visible. That part was utterly mesmerizing and left me trembling with excitement whenever I saw it.

Whether we see Kylo in action or not, with or without his helmet, I don’t mind. I’m just ready to see him again.


Whether these five things will be fulfilled, I’ll find out on Friday? But, with Disney having the difficult task of reclaiming the scorned Star Wars fans, this teaser should reveal enough to make anyone who loves movies excited.

May the Force be with us all because after this teaser we’re going to need it.


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