December 7, 2023
Comic Review | Star Wars Adventures Vol. 2: Unexpected Detour

In the second volume of Star Wars Adventures, our favorite heroes take an Unexpected Detour

In this collection of short stories, the heroes face some unexpected obstacles and turn for the worse as they battle the Empire, chase after cute animals, babysit Wookiees, and more. These unexpected detours take our heroes on some exciting adventures.

Pest Control

SWA2 Pest Control.jpg

When an alien critter stows away on a First Order transport, all hell nearly breaks loose on the Star Destroyer the Finalizer. Finn spots the little guy and sets out to capture the critter before he can destroy anything important, or worse, get Finn in trouble. If Finn can save the day he just might get out of this alive, and with some praise from Phasma herself.

An alien critter on the loose wreaking havoc is a great story for kids. It’s fun and light-hearted and even has some funny lines. It also shows that heroics don’t have to be big to make a difference.

The Trouble at Tibrin

On a mission to meet with the Ishi Tib, Leia, Luke, and their Rebel guards get more than they bargained for when an Imperial Security droid overhears them chatting. With their cover blown, their guards injured, and Luke captured, it’s up to Leia to save Luke from an Imperial interrogation all on her own. Good thing she brought more than one disguise.

SWA2 Trouble at Tibrin.jpg

I really liked this short story since it features Leia dressing up as a Royal to negotiate, but ultimately shows her doing what she does best. Rescuing one of her boys. I especially liked that they “borrowed” a Naboo Royal Starship and attire for Leia to wear- very fitting I think.

Landry Q. Walker is the author of “Pest Control” and “The Trouble at Tibrin”. He is a comic book writer and author best known for The Incredibles comics for Disney, Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away: Aliens Vol. 1, and the DK book Star Wars: Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles. I look forward to more short stories by Walker that feature our favorite heroes getting in and out of trouble.

Adventures in Wookiee-sitting

In this Rebellion era short story, Captain Cassian Andor tasks K-2SO with babysitting three Wookiee cubs while he goes on a mission. Kaytu is not happy; he thinks it’s a task for an organic lifeform. But when the little Wookiees prove to be more useful than he thought, he just might change his mind.


I love Cassian and K-2SO. Kaytu’s dry sense of humor and deadpan sarcasm are just too funny for words. Kaytu trying to babysit is the perfect situation for a funny short story for kids.

K-2SO himself, Alan Tudyk, is the co-author of “Adventures in Wookiee-sitting”. It’s so nice to see the man behind the character get to write a story. Tudyk really brought Kaytu to life and his ad-libbed lines were some of my favorites. If anyone understands this character enough to write a short story about him, it’s Tudyk.

Mattis Makes a Stand

Emil Graf tells another story, this time about Mattis Banz, an orphan who grows up hearing the stories of the heroes of the Rebellion. When a bully picks on a younger fellow orphan, Mattis decided that even he can be a hero. His actions get him noticed by a Resistance recruiter, which leads him on a bigger heroic journey.

I’m not familiar with Mattis. He’s one of the main characters in Ben Acker and Ben Blacker’s Star Wars: Join the Resistance series, which I have yet to read. However, the story of doing the right thing and standing up for a friend that is being bullied is a message kids really need to hear today.

Artist Annie Wu is the designer for this short story. She is also the artist for the Middle-Grade novels Lando’s Luck and Pirate’s Price and did a portrait of Rose Tico for the book Women of the Galaxy by Amy Ratcliffe.

The Best Pet


Emil and his family’s droid Crater discuss what the perfect pet would be. The conversation turns to a lesson in porgs as we see the cute little birds running around the Falcon and driving Rey and Chewie crazy.

This was a cute little one-shot story. It’s always interesting to learn about the little critters of my favorite galaxy far, far away. I especially thought it was funny that a group of porgs is called a murder. In real life, a group of crows is called a murder. Much less ominous for it to be a group of porgs!

Delilah S. Dawson wrote “The Best Pet”. Dawson is also the author of the novel Phasma and the upcoming book Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire.

StarWarsAdventures-Volume2 Unexpected Detour Cover

Final Thoughts:

Unexpected adventures are always fun, or at least they turn out to be fun in the end. I really liked that Leia got to shine in one story and that we got a cute lesson in porg facts. That was definitely unexpected. This volume is great for fans of all eras of the Saga.

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 2: Unexpected Detour by Landry Q. Walker (Author) • Alan Tudyk (Author) • Shannon Denton (Author) • Delilah S. Dawson (Author) • Ben Blacker (Author) • Ben Acker (Author) • Eric Jones (Artist) • Arianna Florean (Artist) • Annie Wu (Artist) • Nathan Greno (Cover Artist) • Sean Galloway (Artist) • Charlie Kirchoff (Colorist) • Monica Kubina (Colorist) • Lee Loughridge (Colorist) • Jon Sommariva (Artist) • and Christopher Uminga (Artist) is published by IDW Publishing and is available from all good comic book stores NOW!


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