September 26, 2023
Marvel Legends Review | Ronin (Avengers Endgame)

Thomas gets ready for the Endgame with the Marvel Legends Ronin action figure from Avengers Endgame

Ronin is part of the first wave of Avengers Endgame figures! The Build-A-Figure from this wave is Thanos in his new armor.

Hasbro has missed an opportunity to include an interchangeable head of Hawkeye, such a shame! However, if you get the Hawkeye & Black Widow 2-pack, the Hawkeye head fits perfectly on this figure but that means you have to spend more money just for a head!

Ronin comes with two swords, a removable hood and an interchangeable hand that throws ninja stars. The swords can be placed in his quiver on his back. He has 21 points of articulation for a lot of badass action poses! The figure has some nice details and great paint apps, it appears to be screen accurate! Hasbro has used the digital print technology on the eyes and eyebrows for likeness to Jeremy Renner.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

If an interchangeable head of Hawkeye had been included, it would have been an awesome figure but without it, it’s just a great figure!


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