February 6, 2023

Patty shares her top tips for planning the ultimate Star Wars Celebration experience

We are just hours away from Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and many of us are doing last minute planning for this event. Below are some guides and tips to help you with last-minute Star Wars Celebration planning:


Star Wars Celebration Packing Tips for those flying to the Event by StarWars.com

8 items to bring to Star Wars Celebration is also a good guide for essential items to pack and bring to the event.

Star Wars Celebration Tips for First Timers by Star Wars Explained can help those that are first-time attendees but need guidance on what it is all about.

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Star Wars | The Mandalorian Panel Confirmed for Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Of course, not everyone can make the pilgrimage to Chicago, therefore our very own Megan has compiled a list of the many ways fans can make the most of their Celebration experience from the comfort of their own home: Star Wars | How to Have Fun Celebrating Star Wars Celebration From a Distance

Finally, do not forget to check out the Star Wars Celebration App. Not only will this help you with panel planning, but it is very handy to have during the event for last minute changes. This is now available for both Apple and Android devices.

Hope these tips help last-minute planning for the event.

See you at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago!


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