October 1, 2023
Comic Review | Star Wars Adventures Vol. 3: Endangered

Our heroes find themselves Endangered in this volume of Star Wars Adventures.

From a story of the Resistance evacuation of D’Qar to the crew of the Ghost rescuing an endangered animal and three Tales from Wild Space, these stories feature danger at every turn.

Rose Knows

In “Rose Knows,” Rose Tico is helping the evacuation of the Resistance base on D’Qar by helping reboot a Mon Cala ship. When things go terribly wrong, it’s up to Rose – and Poe Dameron – to save the day by reading the ship’s manual.


I liked seeing this character get her own story. So many fans have sent hate towards Rose Tico and Kelly Marie Tran. But her mechanical skills and willingness to help, not to mention her embodiment of an enthusiastic fan, make her a great addition to the canon. Delilah S. Dawson wrote a great short story to showcase Rose’s skills which were brought to life by illustrator Derek Charm.


This story features the crew of the Ghost and is set sometime during season three of Rebels. The crew receives intel that a bird, the Agora, sacred to the planet Xendek, has been taken by the Empire for the Emperor’s personal zoo of exotic and endangered animals. Of course, they aren’t the only ones after the bird in an attempt to save it. Hondo Ohnaka just happens to be after it as well. Now the crew has to not only outwit the Imperials but Hondo too.


I liked seeing the Ghost Crew again, and I especially liked seeing Hondo. When I turned the page and saw the artwork with Hondo I got so excited. Stories with Hondo are so much fun. This one did not disappoint.

This story was written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Sean Galloway. Sholly Fisch is a writer for DC’s Scooby Doo series. While I liked the art, all of the human characters had red noses. It made them look like they all had a cold.

Podracer’s Rescue

In the first Tale from Wild Space included, Emil tells a story about young Anakin. After a gang attacks the local medical center, Anakin rushes to help. He is forced to decide what’s more important: the med center or building his own podracer.


This was a cute little story about Anakin doing a good dead and we get to see him in another podrace. “Podracer’s Rescue” is written by Shaun Manning and illustrated by Chad Thomas. Shaun Manning is the creator and writer of Interesting Drug for Boom! Studios’ Archaia imprint. Chad Thomas is the artist for IDW’s Rise of the TNMT.

Look Before You Leap

Nien Nunb and his copilot, the Duros, Shriv Suurgav, crash-land on a planet while evading Imperial Tie Fighters. However, it soon becomes clear the Tie Fighters are the least of their worries. The planet is a living, breathing organism and it’s hungry.

“Look Before You Leap” was written by Paul Crilley and illustrated by Philip Murphy. Crilley is a science fiction author from Scotland. Phil Murphy is an Irish illustrator for Boom! Studios and IDW.



In the third Tale from Wild Space, “GONK!,”  Emil tells his droids about the time a Jawa fell in love with a Gonk droid. This story was short and sweet.

This short is written and illustrated by Otis Frampton. Otis Frampton is the author and artist behind Oddly Normal, a Middle-Grade Graphic Novel series.

SWAdventuresVol3-Endangered cover

Final Thoughts:

This volume had a great theme of danger and included some short and sweet tales of doing the right thing. The Star Wars Rebels story was my favorite and I really hope we see more stories like it in future volumes. I also look forward to more from Delilah S. Dawson and more art from Derek Charm.

Star Wars Adventures Vol. 3: Endangered by Delilah S. Dawson (Author) • Derek Charm (Artist, Cover Artist) • Sholly Fisch (Author) • Sean Galloway (Penciler) • Jamal Peppers (Penciler) • Cassey Kuo (Inker) • Gary Martin (Inker) • Luis Antonio Delgado (Colorist) • Shaun Manning (Author) • Chad Thomas (Artist) • Charlie Kirchoff (Colorist) • Paul Crilley (Author) • Philip Murphy (Artist) • Wes Dzioba (Colorist) and Otis Frampton (Author, Artist) is published by IDW Publishing and available to buy from all good comic book retailers.


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