The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

Our team of Force Users unites to decide which was the best trailer from Star Wars Celebration Chicago

With another incredible Star Wars Celebration fading into memory, fans of all ages are left with cherished memories that will stay with them forever. From the amazing panels, exclusive merchandise, autograph signings, cosplayers, and of course the exclusive sneak peeks at the future of the galaxy far, far away, there is something for every fan at the showcase of the saga.

Fans lucky enough to be making the pilgrimage to Chicago were rewarded with their first look at The Mandalorian – the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, EA Star Wars’ highly immersive new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, ILMxLAB’s virtual reality game Vader Immortal, the all-new series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the upcoming second season of Star Wars: Resistance and of course, the small matter of the title reveal and an all-new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (Trailer)

But which of these incredible trailers hit the right spot for the writers of Future of the Force? With the euphoria of Avengers Endgame finally subsiding and our team finally getting time to reflect on the mindblowing reveals at SWCC, join us as we re-live the best of these trailers and share our thoughts on what was a bumper year of Star Wars awesomeness.


Team Reactions:

“I Got Chills” | By Katarina Schultz

Yes, I got chills and teared up at The Rise of Skywalker trailer. Episode 9, however, is an end and my favorite trailer is instead a beginning. I am not a gamer, but the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer really caught my attention. It thrilled me in much the same way as Episode 9‘s trailer, with its emotional highs and lows and the classical music. I’m excited to enter a new story with new characters and new ideas. Even if I never play the game, it was an incredibly well-made trailer that hooked me. I’ll be keeping my eye out for companion media. I want to see this story of a young force-user trying to stay hidden unfold.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | Reveal Trailer

“Perfect From Start to Finish” | By Annlyel James

Movie trailers. I love them. Movie trailers tell you everything about a film. They can entice you to watch a movie or straight-up put you off. The Rise of Skywalker trailer is literally perfect from start to finish. I have never cried so much watching a trailer in my entire life. From Rey’s jaw-dropping flip to that iconic laugh provided by yours truly, Darth Sidious, and everything else in between, this trailer is the epitome of teaser trailers. I love Star Wars!

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“Screams Of Excitement” | By Megan Rickards

Surprisingly, even with as good as The Rise of the Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and other trailers were, my favorite hands down, would have to be The Clone Wars. During the entire panel, let alone the trailer, I could barely contain my screams of excitement. My favorite part of the trailer though had to be seeing Ahsoka getting her own clone unit with who else but Rex leading it as Captain. Sure, I knew it was going to happen thanks to listening to the Ahsoka audiobook, but to see it was something else. If it’s making me emotional now, I can only imagine how good it will be in the actual episode. After not having much tv/Netflix content from this show in a good long while, it was amazing to see it again. At the same time, it also brought back memories of when I first learned of this show’s resurrection last year.

The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

“Palpatine Lives!” | By Katelyn Mathis

Like so many, my favorite trailer from Star Wars Celebration was Episode IX. More than the trailer itself were the implications within it. Rey has obviously been busy learning and honing her new skills. Kylo has been hunting down the new resistance. And out of it all, Palpatine lives? Whoa. I’ve already heard at least a dozen plausible explanations and I look forward to hearing who was right. The footage itself is beautiful and captures that Star Wars feel we’ve all become accustomed to. What to do now? Wait for December. Easier said than done!

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“It’s Going To Be Epic!” | By Melissa Villy

My favorite trailer to come out of Celebration is The Clone Wars trailer. I’m very excited to see The Siege of Mandalore and the final stories of the Clone Wars. This is a story we’ve been waiting to see finished for quite some time, so to have it finally get it’s due is exciting! Ahsoka being awesome, the Clones with their helmets that pay her homage, new characters galore, Bo-Katan, and Maul dueling Ahsoka, it’s going to be epic and I can’t wait for it.

The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

“Clone Wars Strikes Back” | By Patty Hammond

I am having a hard time deciding which trailer from Star Wars Celebration is my favorite. Of course, I was really excited to see the trailer for Episode IX because of the Title reveal and our first glimpse of what that movie will be like. However, if I had to choose just one, it would have to be The Clone Wars trailer. I thought that with the end of the Lost Missions that we would never see any more of this fantastic animated series except for concept art and maybe descriptions from Filoni and his team like we have before. After viewing this trailer, it really brought home to me that we really are going to see new episodes of The Clone Wars with favorite characters including Captain Rex and of course Ahsoka! I am so excited to see these on Disney Plus later this year.

The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

“Mandalorian Magic” | By Phil Roberts

Star Wars Celebration was EPIC. Despite offering a look at so many incredible projects the trailer that really resonated with me was The Mandalorian. Don’t get me wrong, The Rise of Skywalker trailer elicited the corrected response – me jumping with delight watching Lando piloting the Falcon and my jaw hitting the floor when the iconic cackle of Emperor Palpatine burst through the speakers but as a Boba Fett fan, I love a little Mando action!

The Best Trailer From SWCC | Our Verdict

The trailer was breathtakingly good. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have outdone themselves. Combining so many elements from the Expanded Universe and even trawling through the Ewok movies to harvest so many elements shows the commitment the duo has to make this series as good as it can be, and it certainly shows. Sadly, the rest of the world didn’t get the chance to enjoy it due to Lucasfilm’s ultra-secrecy campaign but take my word for it…THIS SERIES IS GOING TO BE HUGE!

If you’re craving original trilogy type space battles, backwater Cantina’s filled to the brim with scum and villainy, Imperial Stormtroopers and a Mandalorian warrior riding a Dewback and engaging in hand to hand combat with Gina Carano, The Mandalorian is where it’s at!

The Mandalorian | Panel Breakdown

“So Excited For The Rise of Skywalker” | By Thomas Storai

Episode IX is the end of the Skywalker saga, so I was very emotional watching this teaser trailer, and obviously, it hit right in the feels with Lando back in the Falcon. He’s older but he still got the classic Lando charm! And Leia, just that little scene had me in tears, Carrie Fisher may be gone but Leia will always be with us and I’m really happy they found a way to include her in this final movie. And we got Finn, Rey, and Poe finally on an adventure together, that’s going to be awesome and just for this, it could be the best movie in the Sequel trilogy. Rey rebuilt the Skywalker lightsaber while Kylo is rebuilding his helmet, that’s something very interesting! The outfits for our heroes are really great and they have this adventure vibe that I love!

There seem to be lots of different locations, and all are really beautiful! The biggest surprise was Palpatine’s laugh at the end, who thought this character would be back in some form? I didn’t see this coming and I’m so intrigued at how he’ll come back but it does make sense that the final villain of the saga is him, he’s been the main villain since the beginning (chronologically with The Phantom Menace). As for the title, well, lots of questions, which Skywalker is it? Kylo Ren, meaning he’ll be redeemed? This title is provocative and that’s what I love about it! I’m so excited about The Rise of Skywalker!

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“What a Trailer. What a Reveal” | By Carl Roberts

As usual, Star Wars Celebration didn’t disappoint on the content and trailers shown. The anticipation was not only in the auditoriums where the reveals took place but around the world, the fans desperate to get even the briefest glimpse of what lay ahead. The Mandalorian trailer was outstanding. The reveals and glimpses it gave the fans gave us all goosebumps. The Clone Wars trailer was even better, the shot of Ahsoka taking on a rejuvenated Darth Maul at the end of the trailer had everyone cheering. But the ultimate highlight, the shining jewel in the Star Wars crown was, of course, the teaser trailer and reveal of the ninth and final film in the Skywalker Saga.

I, like so many others around the world, was transfixed by what I was seeing revealed. I gasped at some points during the trailer. But then, in the end, I admit I gave a scream of pure joy. Palpatine is back. His evil laughter haunting and taunting us as the full title was revealed. The Rise of Skywalker. What a trailer. What a reveal. It was a point of pure elation for me. I’ll suffer the comedown as the end credits reveal themselves when the film opens, the knowledge that it’s the final step on a journey started 42 years ago. Until then, the trailer will keep the adrenaline going, just as it was made to do.

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These new trailers have certainly got the fans talking, and there have been some fantastic responses from our team. Whether you are a casual fan, or an unparalleled Star Wars aficionado, we will all be filling auditoriums around the world when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits our screens this December.

The Mandalorian will debut on the new Disney+ streaming service when it launches this November, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is also set for release on PS4 and Xbox this November, The Clone Wars is yet to receive an official release date, and as of press time Star Wars: Resistance Season 2 has yet to receive its launch date.

Stay tuned to The Future of the Force for the latest updates as they happen.


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