February 7, 2023
Our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man is Back in the New Trailer for Far From Home

Spider-Man looks for a fresh start in the aftermath of Avengers Endgame

My “spider-sense” is tingling!

With the Avengers Endgame spoiler embargo officially coming to an end today, it was only a matter of time before Marvel Studios unleashed a new trailer for its final movie of this phase of its immensely successful cinematic universe, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Having been dead for five years and ultimately resurrected in spine-tingling fashion thanks to Professor Hulk’s finger snap, our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has a new lease on life. Still reeling from the loss of his beloved mentor Tony Stark, Peter Parker jets off to Europe on a school trip desperate to take his mind away from the heart wrenching final showdown with Thanos. Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury takes Peter under his wing and attempts to shape him into taking Tony Stark’s place as earth’s greatest defender.


Unfortunately, a “spider-sense” tingle later and our beloved web head finds himself defending the populous from a plethora of elemental beings who have all harnessed cosmic world-changing abilities. In amongst the chaos, Peter finds an ally in Quentin Beck / Mysterio, a dimension-hopping magician who slipped into our world via a crack in the multiverse with a vested interest in seeing the elementals defeated.

At this point, I cannot pretend that I have recovered fully from the finale of Endgame, and yet, Spider-Man: Far From Home appears to be the perfect tonic to ease the aching heart. As a kid, one of my favourite Spidey villains was Mysterio and I am wholeheartedly looking forward to watching his debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Far From Home serving as a bookend to everything that has come before, I am expecting Spidey’s latest adventure to serve as a platform for the eventual introduction of the X-Men. If the comic book gods allow, I expect the next ten years of Marvel magic to culminate in the classic encounter between the New Avengers and the X-Men. And that will be a tantalising prospect.


But before we wish away another decade, Spider-Man Far From Home will swing into cinemas and carry Iron Man’s legacy forward on July 2nd.


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