Black Series Review | Han Solo – Mimban (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Thomas finds himself in the trenches of Mimban alongside Hasbro’s new Han Solo Mudtrooper figure

Another figure from Solo: A Star Wars Story is obviously pleasing to me! This one is Han Solo in his Mimban outfit so if you want several Mudtroopers, you can definitely army-build this one as one it has the helmet and goggles on, you can’t see his face.

They crafted a brand new face sculpt for this one and didn’t re-use the already existing Han Solo sculpt from the previous figure. It’s a pretty good face sculpt with a more realistic skin tone and a nice digital print tech though a little bit too dark on the eyes. However, the hair has some brighter shades and my figure has some sloppy paint app, some of the bright paint has splattered onto the face and that definitely shouldn’t be there! Considering, he is wearing a Mudtrooper outfit, I can pretend it’s mud but it’s the second figure from this wave that has sloppy paint apps, I’m not used to seeing this with the new figures, Hasbro needs to fix this immediately! So the older sculpt is still the best.

Black Series Review | Han Solo – Mimban (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

I love the Mudtrooper outfit, it has a World War II vibe. It uses parts of the Imperial officer and parts from the Shoretrooper as well so it makes a great mix! The outfit is screen accurate and they made it a little bit dirty, they’re Mudtroopers after all! Unlike the head, the outfit has great paint apps! The cape, the mask, the helmet, the goggles are all removable!

Star Wars The Black Series Han Solo (Mimban) Review 12

This figure has 18 points of articulation and comes with the Mudtrooper gun. The weapon is nicely sculpted and comes with a bayonet system and that’s a really cool feature!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts

Han Solo Mimban is a fine addition to the collection despite some sloppy paint apps on the face!


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