September 26, 2023
Justice League Review | Bruce Wayne Mafex (Medicom Toy)

Thomas breaks into the Batcave for an encounter with Ben Affleck’s unforgettable Bruce Wayne from Medicom Toys’ Mafex collection…

After a three month delay, the MAFEX figure of Bruce Wayne is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint! This is likely going to be the last figure Medicom produces from the Justice League movie and it seems to be selling very well so don’t hesitate too much before picking him up!

This figure comes with 10 interchangeable hands, three batarangs, a Parademon weapon, a new head for Batman Tactical Suit and a neck joint for this figure too when you want to interchange Bruce’s head.

The outfit is pretty accurate and has different textures, good paint apps. Fun fact, this is the same outfit as the MAFEX Joker from The Dark Knight but painted in different colors, even MAFEX re-use some sculpts! The coat is in a rather soft plastic so it doesn’t limit the poses for the figure. Bruce has 22 points of articulation.

Justice League Review | Bruce Wayne Mafex (Medicom Toy)

Now about the head sculpts, it is pretty good, it looks like Ben Affleck! I love it! There are some little shades of grey in the hair, MAFEX has a good eye for the details!

The most interesting thing about this figure is the accessories for the other Batman figure! The new head for the Batman Tactical Suit is a masked head without the goggles, it’s pretty good! Another accessory is the Parademon gun, the already existing interchangeable hands hold it well. The gun itself is rather big and painted in a single metallic color, it’s screen accurate. On the box, it’s written that the neck is for the Tactical Suit and it fits well on it but one thing they didn’t say, it also works for the Batman basic suit from Justice League. Honestly, it fits even better on it. It took MAFEX over a year to deliver a Bruce Wayne head for these figures and we finally got it, this was worth the wait!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The Mafex Bruce Wayne is a great figure with some great accessories for your other Justice League Batman figures!


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